I turn 34 on Wednesday, and frankly that sucks.
It sucks for a number of reasons, chief among them is that I’m now too far on the wrong side of my 20s to have “fun” in any adolescent sense. “Fun” on this side of 30 is the local Saturday farmer’s market and a few beers at my neighborhood dive to shut down the workday.
I turn 34 on Wednesday, and basically everything in my body hurts. Especially in the mornings. My left foot/ankle don’t really work properly anymore, probably due to years of running track, which requires one to turn left at high speed every 100 meters. It doesn’t really matter the reason why, though, that my left foot kills me every morning, and I’m more or less okay with it.
My back hurts. My dad — bless him — slipped a disk some years ago, and as a teenager I couldn’t fully fathom the agony he went through every day.


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