This year’s blogboll ends, in many respects, where it began: Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio State in the top four. My preseason prediction of an Alabama-Oklahoma semi and Alabama-Ohio State finals did not come to pass (though Mayfield did deservedly win his Heisman.) They were joined by a senior-laden Georgia team who who must recapture the gumption, talent, and coaching to survive again next season.
Do you want to know the depressing part if you’re on the outside, looking-in? The CFP expressly favors bluebloods and those talented teams who play a lot of quality opponents, recruit at a high level, and have the health or depth to get through a 15-game season. Given the youth movement and recruiting level at many of the nation’s top-tier programs, this year’s playoff participants may take a step back next season, but they’re built to last.


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