There was so much excitement, anticipation, and high expectations for the Eagles second-round pick in tight end Dallas Goedert.

Here was a kid that finished his career at South Dakota State with nearly 3,000 yards receiving and 21 touchdowns, while averaging 15 yards a catch.

This guy is long, athletic and has great hands. There were lots of Zach Ertz comparisons and you could see why at times during the preseason.

But through two games, Goedert has barely been seen, let alone targeted.

With the first two games in the books, Goedert has only been targeted three times, leading to just one reception for four yards, per Pro-Football – and that was all from Week 1 against the Falcons.

No. 88 was no were to be seen in Sunday’s ugly 27-21 loss at Tampa Bay.

In Sunday’s game, Ertz obviously got his touches after not a whole lot the week before, finishing as the Eagles leading receiver with 11 catches for 94 yards.

Now here’s where it gets puzzling.

Josh Perkins, who did make the 53-man roster this year after being signed to a futures contract by the Eagles in January, had four catches for 57 yards, and was targeted a few more times and had some key drops.

But Doug Pederson’s explanation after the game was worse:

“Some of its by game plan…then we started losing some receivers…we started having to use the second and third tight end…it’s a complex thing because it starts moving bodies around and without getting real specific into the game plan, one part that goes down, then you have to adjust everybody else and a lot of times it’s a lot easier with Perk in the game…Dallas played, but at the same time, it didn’t change out receivers on the outside…it kept those guys short of in their same spots…it can be a chess match moving multiple parts.”

Huh? So then who’s the No. 2 tight end? How was he not getting targets anyway if guys are being moved around?

This was one of many poor coaching decisions made for and during Sunday’s loss.

The Eagles drafted Goedert for a reason, and yet, even when it’s been a sputtering start for the offense, he’s nowhere to be found or even noticed. He needs to start getting his touches.

Obviously the Eagles need to get their top guys back to snap out of this early-season funk – hopefully that starts with Carson Wentz’s supposed return next Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

But not getting a guy they traded up for in the second round only three targets through the first two games is inexcusable.