With a few days before our first look at the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles, we take a look at what fans should watch out for Thursday night vs. the Packers

Finally after a long off season, football is back. The NFL Preseason has begun, and the Eagles will take the field for the first time Thursday night at 8pm. While the preseason can feel long and unnecessary for fans, it’s a great chance for players to earn roster spots and starting positions. Here are a few things you should look for during the Eagles first live competition.

Battle at the corner position

This one is the most obvious so we’ll get it out of the way first. The Eagles secondary is their weakest position. Both starters from last year are not returning, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Keep a special eye on rookie Rasul Douglas. He’s a physical rookie out of West Virginia with a big 6-foot-2 frame that could be great for the Eagles if he lives up to his potential.

Carson Wentz’s growth

Coming into his second year as a pro, this a crucial year to see if Wentz is Philadelphia’s franchise guy. Last year Carson Wentz showed flashes of greatness but also threw 14 interceptions. This off season Wentz has been lighting up the Eagles defense in practice, so now we will get a chance to see if he can do it against opposing defenses. Doug Pederson has not yet commented on how much playing time Wentz will see, but expect to see him for at least as series or two.

Will Agholor live up to the hype

Nelson Agholor had a disappointing first two years in the league, only totaling 648 yards in his career thus far. Word from Eagles camp as been the Agholor has been impressing many and making our secondary look silly. Can Agholor prove this season that he is not a bust? Thursday night against the Packers will be a good test to see where he is at as a receiver.

Aggressive play calls

The preseason is not only a chance for players to practice game like scenarios, it’s also a chance for coaches to do the same. Doug Pederson is coming into only his second year as a Head Coach. Though every coach uses a limited playbook in order to not give opposing teams film of their plays, the preseason is a chance for a little more aggressive play calling. Look for more 4th down attempts and risky play calling than you would normally see in the regular season.

Watch the Eagles take the field Thursday night at 8pm against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field

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