The free agency craziness is upon us and all we can do is sick back and watch. Here are my quick thoughts on some of the activity so far…
Are the Cowboys ready to give up on Dez Bryant?
The wide receiver jackpot payouts have begun. Sammy Watkins is signing a gi-normous deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. Allen Robinson is signing a huge deal with the Chicago Bears. The Cowboys front office is said to have been interested in both of these receivers. Does this mean that the team is looking for a new #1 WR to have count heavily against their cap? Such a deal would be the end all, be all to Dez Bryant’s career in Dallas, right?
This is my own gut instinct talking, but I think all the Dez stuff is a facade. I’m not buying that the organization is looking to replace him with Watkins or Robinson. Their “interest” was merely a bluff.


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