Like most of you — I’m a thought-provoking bro that writes words (sometimes coherently) on websites and care of my readers, the greatest people in the world — I have a day job. As a result, there are stretches throughout the week that news about the Bengals flashes by without any acknowledgement from me. So in the guise of a “week in review”, most of these updates are things I’m finally learning for the first time.
And then there were none.
Nearly two weeks after Marvin Lewis’s “will he stay or will he go” self-fulfilled mini-drama, the Bengals have nearly rebuilt their coaching staff.
With the Bengals reportedly “bringing in” Daronte Jones to coach cornerbacks — we assume the wording means he’s hired, and that he isn’t coming in for an interview — and Alex Van Pelt to coach quarterbacks, Cincinnati is nearly set.


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