2017 hasn’t started off to great for the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins lost quarterback Ryan Tannehill in preseason, and had to recruit quarterback Jay Cutler out of retirement to come into a team and build chemistry that takes years to do.

Then hurricane Irma hit Florida and caused the Dolphins to take an early bye week. The Dolphins then go into Los Angeles and beat the Chargers. However, the next two games were lack luster at best. The Dolphins put only six points against the New York Jets and got shut out by the New Orleans Saints in London.

A lot of Dolphins’ fans are calling for back up quarterback Matt Moore to take the reigns from Cutler. Now Cutler has a history behind him and this year could be redemption of sorts for him. Do I think that Cutler should take the brunt of the blame? No, he shouldn’t. But as in football, the first to take the blame is the quarterback. The quarterback is seen as the leader of the team. The blame falls on the whole team, from the coaching staff calling the plays to the players executing the plays.

If you have played any sports or been around any sports at all, you know that if you let your past performances creep into your head then you will fail at your next outing. The Dolphins recognize this.

Head coach Adam Gase stated “It is what it is. I’m fine. They’re fine. We’ll come out here and we’ll go practice.” Gase went on to say, “If you’re panicking, then you’re in the wrong profession. Your job is to come out each week, it’s a new week, start over. We had 24 hours to complain about everything and now it’s time to go back to work, and really everybody needs to look themselves in the mirror and realize, do your job and things will go right.”

This week the Dolphins will have their first home game in Miami (not counting the home game in London).

The Dolphins host Tennessee Titans. This will be a good game. Both teams will be evenly match base on the past three to four games of the season so far. The Titans have allowed 285 passing yard and 112 rushing yards. The Titans have been able to accumulate 203 passing yards and 139 rushing yards. The Dolphins on the other hand have allowed 283 passing yards and 77 rushing yards. The Dolphins have accumulated 205 passing yards and 66 rushing yards. Granted the Titans have one game up on the Dolphins, which would make their numbers a bit worse.

I do give the edge this week to the Dolphins. The Titans have lost their starting quarterback and the Titans don’t have faith in their back up quarterback because they tried out four QBs on Tuesday. Out of those four QBs the Titans picked up Brandon Weeden.

Wide receiver Kenny Stills summed it up best, “We understand that the schemes that we’re running in the run game take a little bit of time for our guys to get on the same page. “We know that we have players, we know that we have talent, and we know that we have great coaches so we just have to get back to the basics and fundamentals of things and execute the game plan every week, and we’ll get back on the right track.”