It was another week of some solid picks by the staff, with no fewer than 12 correct picks once again. RDreamer had the best mark at 13-3 in part by being the only one of us to correctly predict the 49ers would take out the Bears. He thinks Jimmy G is dreamy and that’s hard to argue.
Despite the Vegas odds favoring the Chiefs in Kansas City, we are thinking differently as a staff, picking the Raiders to win that one. We also have the Bengals, Cowboys, Packers, Jets, Rams, Steelers, and Patriots winning their match-ups.

*RDreamer’s pick for the Raiders game will be revealed in his Friday Foretelling article.
Several in the community matches our staff best with a couple surpassing it. Nice work EastCoastRaiderFan and Adds99. A special shout out to Riglord who was among the leaders in the overall, but who apparently forgot to get his picks in this week.


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