It’s been an on-going debate during the whole draft process. Will an NFL team take a chance on former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon? With the 2017 NFL Draft a week away, it’s time to evaluate this situation from the Washington Redskins standpoint.

We all know the major off-field incident surrounding Mixon. He is caught on tape punching a woman while in college. It’s especially important to bring it up now after another allegation has surfaced against the former Sooner.

According to a ProFootballTalk report, personnel evaluator Gil Brandt (during a PFT Live interview) cites another ugly incident. It involves a young woman during his high school days. A couple of NFL teams have reportedly already taken Mixon off their draft board. They include the New England Patriots, and now the Philadelphia Eagles (via Andrew Porter of CBS Philly). Because of the current instability of the Redskins’ organization, they should also consider doing so as well.

Though it’s unclear what the ‘Skins interest level is in Mixon, this organization is known to surprise people. Washington has already seen its share of backlash this offseason, and adding Mixon to the roster would only make matters worse.

Though the reward can be great, there seems to be a bigger risk than reward when it comes to Mixon. Let’s face it, the Redskins can’t afford any more risks. If it weren’t for his off-the-field issues, Mixon would be the No. 1 back of this class, no doubt, obviously making it a difficult call for every NFL team.

He’s a physical runner that’s hard to bring down with tremendous cutback ability. Add that with his unbelievable vision and you understand why Mixon can get you three, four or five yards per carry on almost any play. He also has solid pass catching ability, and is actually a pretty sharp route runner too. That really compliments his game well.

There is still a possibility Joe Mixon will go in the first round. It only takes one team to give him a chance. But that team should not be the Washington Redskins.

Matt Catrillo is a Washington Redskins Contributor for ProFootballSpot. You can follow Matt on Twitter on @MCatLDN. For more coverage on the Redskins and the NFL from Matt, tune into the Football Friday Podcast.