So perhaps quarterback Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins are on the same page after all. An extremely short time ago, we were dissecting the words of head coach Jay Gruden. The subject is the future of his Pro Bowl signal-caller. The focus seems to be on one specific sentence:

“I know he’ll be here this season, and that’s all I care about.”

There is a preoccupation with Cousins. There is the failure of the Washington Redskins to sign him to a long-term contract. However, somewhat overlooked is how the player himself really feels. Until now.

“I think the short answer is, it’s been positive. I feel good about where we’re headed,” said Cousins on Wednesday in an interview with CNS Atlantic. “I like coach (Jay) Gruden’s quote yesterday where he said, ‘I’m not really worried about it because we’ve got him for this year and that’s really all that matters.’ That’s the way I’ve always felt. There’s so many guys on this team who are on one-year deals. Even if it says it’s a three-or four-year contract the only guarantees are this year so many of us are playing on one-year deals, I’m not the only one. We’re not going to have long careers if we don’t have a great year this year. We all don’t look much further than this season.

The five-year quarterback continues. “I feel good about our owner (Daniel Snyder), he’s done a good job this offseason communicating with me, and the same with Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden and our scouting staff, our coaches. So I feel good about the direction we’re headed and we’ll see where it ends up but bottom line, I’m in a good place right now and we’ll go win a lot of football games.”

So now the cards are on the table. For now, this is strictly about 2017. From the owner to team president Bruce Allen to Gruden and Cousins. As the Washington Redskins’ “motto” once read, “The Future is Now” when it comes to this team. All told, it’s time to concentrate on football and this team getting back to the playoffs for the second time in three years.

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