Jay Gruden’s Washington Redskins have a long way to go after an opening week home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are 5 things to ponder.

This isn’t the preseason anymore. And the Washington Redskins showed that for them, that might not be a good thing.

Things didn’t go well for the Redskins on Sunday in front of their home fans. They were facing a Philadelphia Eagles team that many, including myself, had questions about. Nobody really knew what to expect from Philly. How good was Carson Wentz going to be? Had the Eagles really improved, or were they going to have another year in the “don’t be last” battle in the NFC east?

While those questions didn’t exactly get answered on Sunday, we did find some takeaways from this game before heading to next week. And Redskins fans, you might want to look away.

Cue the takeaways

1. Kirk Cousins is not elite. He’s not even good. He’s decent-ish. He was 23-of-40 for 240 yards and one touchdown in the contest. One touchdown, but two fumbles and an interception. That’s not usually a winning formula, and it proved no different for the Washington Redskins on Sunday. On top of that, the second fumble was returned for a touchdown in the final minutes of the game, sealing the deal on a Redskins loss.

2. The Washington Redskins offensive line has a lot of work to do. Cousins was sacked four times in this contest, and was under pressure all afternoon. The Redskins play in a division with excellent defenses. If they want to contend, they are going to have to plug the holes up front.

3. The running game for Washington was non existent. When your quarterback is tied to be your teams leading rusher for a game, that’s not a good sign. Cousins and Rob Kelley both rushed for 30 yards. Combine that with Chris Thompson’s four yards on the ground, and that gives you a total of 64 total yards. A running game like this makes your offense one-dimensional, and the Eagles defense took advantage.

4. Turnover party. Washington committed four turnovers in this game, three of those courtesy of Kirk Cousins. The final turnover was a fumble by Cousins near the end of the game that was returned by the Eagles for a touchdown. The Redskins can’t continue to give the opposition more opportunities like that.

5. In summary, the Redskins looked absolutely unprepared. They were sloppy, out played, and out-coached. The Eagles had a five-game losing streak to the Redskins coming into this contest, and it was also their first win at FedExField since 2013.

Any bright spots?

So where does this leave the Redskins? Time will tell, but practices this week most likely won’t be fun. The good news for Washington? They have rebounded the last two years from opening losses. Now we wait and watch to see if this team can do the same.

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