On April 27, the Washington Redskins are scheduled to select 17th overall in the first round of the NFL Draft. Many years ago, you would be amazed if Washington used a first-round at all. The franchise dealt their first-round pick for just over an entire decade. It didn’t stop them from reaching the playoffs many times. And that includes a date with the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VII in 1972. Here’s a look at those deals and what the Redskins received in return:

1969: Trade 19th pick overall to the Los Angeles Rams

The Redskins dealt their choice for the trade rights of Gary Beban. The Rams selected Notre Dame wide receiver Jim Seymour (One of three first-round picks for the Rams for the Rams that year)

1970: Trade 17th pick overall to the San Francisco 49ers

The team traded a first-round pick selection for offensive tackle Walter Rock back in 1968. San Francisco would go onto pick Boston University defensive back Bruce Taylor.

1971: Trade 10th pick overall to the Los Angeles Rams

It remains one of the biggest trades in NFL history by the numbers. A total of 15 players and/or draft choices were involved. The franchise sent linebacker Marlin McKeever, their first and third-round picks in 1971 and third-, fourth-, fifth-, sixth- and seventh-round selections one year later to the Rams for a fifth-round pick in ’71, along with linebackers Maxie Baughan, Jack Pardee and Myron Pottios, as well as running back Jeff Jordan, guard John Wilbur and defensive tackle Diron Talbert. The Rams would go onto pick Isiah Robertson with that 10th overall selection. Got all that?

1972: Trade 20th pick overall to the New York Jets

Hall of Fame head coach George Allen and the Washington front office was at it again. They traded the 20th overall pick and a second-rounder in 1973 for Jets’ defensive end Verlon Biggs and a seventh-round pick in ’72. While New York grabbed University of Michigan linebacker Mike Taylor at No. 20, the Redskins used a second-round choice and that aforementioned seventh-rounder to get linebacker Bob Grant from the Baltimore Colts.

1973: Trade 25th pick overall to the Baltimore Colts

Allen and the front office continued to wheel-and-deal. It was a three-team trade that involved six players. They traded their 25th overall pick and wide receiver Cotton Speyer back in 1971 to the Colts for wide receiver Roy Jefferson, a ninth-rounder, and another ninth-round pick in ’74. Baltimore would trade that first-round pick and tight end/running back John Andrews a year later to the San Diego Chargers for quarterback Marty Domres. The Chargers went on to select Nebraska wide receiver Johnny Rodgers.

1974: Trade 20th pick overall to the Los Angeles Rams

For the third time in their last six drafts, Washington makes a deal with the Los Angeles Rams. They traded their 20th overall pick, and a  sixth-round in ’73 (revised from 1973 second round pick after Redskins learned thay had previously traded 1973 second round pick) back in ’71. The Rams used that pick to select Michigan defensive tackle Dave Gallagher. They also received safety Richie Petitbon, a fifth-, and a another late round pick in ’72 , and another late round pick in ’73.

1975: Trade 22nd pick overall to the San Diego Chargers

They dealt their 22nd overall pick and a second-round pick in ’76 to the Chargers for running back Duane Thomas. San Diego would use this pick to select LSU defensive back Mike Williams.

1976: Trade 17th pick overall to the Miami Dolphins

In one of their most notable trades in franchise history, they dealt their 17th overall pick to the Dolphins for quarterback Joe Theismann. Miami uses that pick to select Arizona State linebacker Larry Gordon.

1977: Trade 19th pick overall to the St Louis Cardinals

This was Allen’s last trade in the draft as the team’s general manager and once again he found some talent. They traded their 19th overall pick, a first-round pick in ’78, and a second-round pick in ’79 to the Cardinals. In return they received defensive tackle Dave Butz, a fifth-, and 15th round pick, and a sixth-round pick in ’77. St Louis used their pick to select Missouri quarterback Steve Pisarkiewicz.

1978: Trade 19th pick overall to the St Louis Cardinals

This deal is a continuation from the deal that was a year ago. Ironically the first round pick lands at exactly the 19th overall pick for the Cardinals a year later. St Louis uses this pick to select Washington State safety Ken Greene.

1979: Trade 12th pick overall to the Cincinnati Bengals

Bobby Beathard makes a draft trade of his own in his second year as the general manager and the last trade of a decade-long of dealing first-round picks. They dealt their 12th overall pick to the Bengals for defensive back Lemar Parrish and defensive lineman Coy Bacon. Cincinnati uses that pick to select LSU running back Charles Alexander.

Ron Carthen is a Redskins writer for Pro Football Spot, a web host for Ron’s Sports Addiction as well as photographer/editor for WRIC-TV8. He’s also spent time at ESPN and two local news stations in North Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter at @rcarthen.