You may be enjoying turkey and pumpkin pie, but The Simulation™ is hard at work crunching the numbers for the final home game of the season (cold, unfeeling machines don’t celebrate Thanksgiving). The Simulation™ is working twice as hard after moving to 6-3 on an embarrassing defeat last week. Let’s take a look at what it came up with. If you’re new around here, we simulate 10 games on NCAA 14 on Xbox 360 with updated rosters. I took the liberty of boosting John Wolford up to an overall 90 since he is a legitimate Heisman contender (@ me all you want).

Clearly The Simulation™ has learned its lesson picking against the Deacs. It likes Wake Forest in this game by about 5 points, which is lower than the spread of Wake -11.5. It also likes the Deacs in 8 of the 10 games, which is higher than the ESPN Matchup Predictor’s 70% win probability.


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