The Oakland Raiders are, and always have been, one of the NFL’s most penalized teams. It seems like any time the opposing team throws an incomplete pass on third and long, a yellow flag gets tossed into the air. This is part and parcel of being a Raiders fan- expecting the refs to insert themselves into the games they officiate with malice towards the Silver and Black.
The Raiders in 2017 were 25th in the league in penalty yardage per game with 63.1 yards lost to flags on average. The Seahawks were worst in the league at a whopping 83.9 yards per game.
But as far as individual Raiders being responsible for a multitude of penalty yards goes, it’s not so egregious. According to this piece from, the Raiders have only two players on top of the lists for penalty yardage at their positions for the 2017 season. And they’re not who you might think.


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