See this picture above?

Look into it deeply. You see three Marines (Happy belated, by the way) and Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, one of the smartest, intelligent, eloquent football players.

It’s Military Appreciation Month for the National Football League. It makes me feel great (as a vet) that there is still patriotism to our military. It also pains me that this will be the last time I see Sherman on the field this year. Last night’s “football” game was a joke with it’s lackluster attempt at diagnosing a concussion on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, the fumbles, the horrible pacing and we still don’t know what the hell a catch is in professional football.


Sherman ruptured his Achilles tendon last night. On the sidelines at University of Phoenix Stadium, you could see Sherman telling his defensive coordinator Kris Richard that he was done. Richard and Sherman embraced in a hug, it was saddening to see because that’s the best corner in football and his outspoken, outside-the-box press conferences are now an afterthought.

Anyways…it’s time to continue into Week 10.


Chicago Bears

Look, I know it’s the oldest rivalry in the NFL by meeting for the 196th time and with snow in the forecast this weekend in Chicago. It should be…should be a close black and blue showdown. However, I watched Monday Night Football and I was embarrassed as a football fan by the lethargic performance of the Packers. Don’t even come to me and tell me that Brett Hundley needs more time. He waits 6-7 seconds in the pocket, then the pocket collapses and he curls up for a sack. Even worse out of the pocket throwing it at the knees of the likes of Davante Adams. The Bears are coming off a bye, they made a maverick move grabbing Chargers wideout Dontrelle Inman, terrific running game and the Packers rush defense is 23rd (118 ypg given up). There is no excuse for rookie star in the making Mitchell Trubisky to win a close one in the den of Soldier Field. As for Hundley, show something. Show something or bring in Joe Callahan.

New York Jets

It’s the Josh McCown revenge game! Wait…it’s the Ryan Fitzpatrick revenge game! No, wait. It’s the game where breakout star wideout Robby Anderson carves up the Buccaneers’ secondary.  According to Pro Football Reference, averages 15.6 ypc and four touchdowns on the year. Everyone keeps talking about how the Giants quit. Nope, it was the Yuks once again. Jets, this is your gimme game. Run the rock with Bilai Powell and play good defense.

San Francisco 49ers

Wait, where you going? Hear me out. Yes, the game is a disaster waiting to happen, injuries all over the place, offense is stuck in neutral but have you watched the Giants play lately? 49ers have a game plan in the making to return to prominence. Don’t be surprised if you see Jimmy Garoppolo behind center during this game. It’s a scrappy team, not a very talented roster. However, they don’t quit. Giants did. Get your one and only win of the season. COME ON!

Minnesota Vikings

What a week in Eden Prairie. Sam Bradford put on injured reserve, Teddy Bridgewater added back to the roster, but let’s be honest. This is black and blue football in Minny. They have the best defense in football, they have one of the best coaches with Mike Zimmer who put together a very good coaching staff. I mean look at what Pat Shurmur has done with Case Keenum? Yes, Case Keenum. Stats aren’t strong, but his play is moving the chains especially with the biggest sleeper weapon in the NFC with Adam Thielen. Thielen’s stats are great, 627 yds and averaging 13.5 ypc (only one touchdown). He makes this offense go and it opens up swing pass opportunities for Jerick McKinnon. Also, coming off a bye and this is a banged up Redskins team. Get the win.

Jacksonville Jaguars

So far, Doug Marrone is my dark horse Coach of the Year. What a job that Marrone and Tom Coughlin (in the front office) has done. Blake Bortles was awful last year, they lost Allen Robinson to a torn ACL, and the running game was up in the air. Now, they have the best rookie back in football with Leonard Fournette. Amid some immaturity, he has been terrific with 596 yd, 6 TD and averaging 4.6 ypc. The biggest surprise has been their defense. There is reason to being nicknamed “Sacksonville.” That’s a weird way of putting it, but 35 sacks with Calais Campbell leading with 11 sacks. Yeah, Gus Bradley is back in town with the Chargers running the defense. This is a game that they need to win. Win the game…win it…win it.

Los Angeles Rams

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Right now, Sean McVay is the Coach of the Year, Todd Gurley is in the running as Offensive Player of the Year, Jared Goff is the Comeback Player of the Year. Plus, their defense is masterfully done by defensive guru Wade Phillips. Texans in town, banged up and Deshaun Watson is on the sidelines. Enjoy.


Cleveland Browns

Let me get the positive things out of the way. Under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the Browns defense is ranked 9th overall (17th against the pass and 4th against the run). It’s not the coaching that is the problem, it is the FRONT OFFICE. How do you defy your own coach who was trying to make this team watchable with the AJ McCarron trade and screw it up. I don’t trust this front office as far as I can throw them. This is just depressing, because I believe the NFL is amazing when the Browns are good. Going to Detroit next…good luck.

Dallas Cowboys

Ladies and gentlemen, the soap opera As the Zeke Turns has been put on hiatus. Running back Ezekiel Elliott finally ran out of last minute hail mary tries. According to Todd Archer of ESPN,  his emergency injunction was denied by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which means that his six-game suspension has started and won’t play at least till Week 16, however the Cowboys are now put in a tight spot with their next four @ Atlanta, host the division leading Eagles, a gamed Chargers team on Thanksgiving and a banged up but resilient Redskins team. They have to at least go 2-2 or 3-1, anything less and it’s a problem. Light at the end of the tunnel though with the next hearing on December 1st. Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden…you’re up.

Green Bay Packers

Did you not see that absolute Monday night no-show on national TV? 30-17 is just a disguise for an absolute blowout by Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions. The media elite is painting a terrible picture of the Packers by saying there is “no talent” on this team. You can look at it one of two ways, you can see that this could be a good thing because they know now how many vulnerabilities that Aaron Rodgers’ brilliance covered up. A highly conservative gameplan, no consistency or trust in Brett Hundley. No matter how much head coach Mike McCarthy says that Hundley is his guy. If they lose to Chicago, you could see a change behind center (as I echoed above) and then they cut tight end Martellus Bennett. Wait, hold it? Why?

Martellus Bennett

To try and convince you that Martellus Bennett is a guy you can trust off the field is like telling me “do wolverines make good housepets?” Famously said by the late John Candy. Packers cut the injured tight end on Wednesday with a Failure to Disclose Physical Condition. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Bennett has a torn labrum and a torn rotator cuff. You have to tell the medical staff or risk severe injury. Foolishly, he goes in Instagram and trashes team physician Dr. Pat McKenzie telling that he was “covering his own a**.” Suddenly, his story was falsified by the Packers players (former and current) from Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Leroy Butler, Jermichael Finley, and…Aaron Rodgers all coming to aid of Dr. McKenzie. It got worse, reports that multiple players said that Bennett quit on the team. I don’t care that he is on the Patriots, there is a good chance that will be the last we see of Bennett for the season. He’s questionable for Sunday night’s battle @ Denver. Happy trails.


This league…I mean watching Thursday Night Football was like watching a horror movie for sports. 9 injuries (2 on injured reserve) including Sherman was safety Tyvon Branch and offensive lineman DJ Humphries put on IR. Then today, quarterback Drew Stanton suffered a sprained knee and now go with Blaine Gabbert. I don’t care how much money is generated, this is pathetic. I know it sounds like I am nitpicking, but I’m not going to back down. This product is a joke and if they gave a damn about player safety, they would end this after the season. No, don’t even mention 18 games to me either. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The product wasn’t broke, before this whole new idea happened.

Also, what’s a catch? Hello? Bueller…Bueller.

Till next week, my friends.