When the Denver Broncos kicked off the season with a nail-biting win over the Los Angeles Chargers, one thing was obvious. Trevor Siemian of Week 1, 2017 played very differently to the Trevor Siemian of 2016.

Can it be that he has finally developed into the star that Broncos Country desperately needs him to be? Perhaps.

Come on, it’s only week 1…

True. We know, the franchise knows, Siemian knows he has to keep playing at this level to prove it wasn’t just that one game. He needs to manipulate an entire defense, not just look at one receiver. He needs to takes shots down the field, instead of playing it safe with short passes. He needs to recover quickly from a bad play.

If he makes these changes, John Elway should consider offering Siemian an extended contract, according to Predominantly Orange’s Steven Kris .

But would Elway really do this?

He was the butt of criticism everywhere for believing in Paxton Lynch. For thinking that Lynch was the quarterback who could carry the Broncos to more great things. For two offseasons in a row, there was an open quarterback competition. The job was wide open for Lynch to swoop in and take.

Again, why?

Notes from training camp more than alluded to the fact that Siemian was the same as he was in 2016. Unwilling to take risks and make those tough throws to win games. Offensive coaches were frustrated at his propensity to play it safe.

His performance in the preseason opener against the Chicago Bears was bland. Star quarterback he was not. The only reason he seemed satisfactory was because Lynch struggled tremendously during training camp.

Ironically, Lynch then had his best week of practice ever after the Bears. And that must’ve irked Siemian. He knew what was at stake. No way was he going to lose the starting job to Lynch.


Suddenly, things clicked into place. He was now familiar with the playbook, knew it like the back of his hand. He played like a champ against the 49ers. He bounced back after a rough start against the Packers – a solid drive was all he needed.

It was a difficult start against the Chargers Monday night. It was awkward. But the throw that was almost a pick six and Chargers touchdown? That was the turning point.

He looked left, right, everywhere. Threw to the middle of the field. Checked in and out of plays. Siemian the star quarterback? If he keeps this up.

As Kriz says, extending Siemian’s contract is something Elway needs to think about now. “He has a precedent for this, and he also has a precedent for not doing it.  He got out in front of Chris Harris Jr. and Derek Wolfe.  He saw guys he wanted as long term Broncos, and they opted for the security instead of testing the market.”

If Siemian continues this good run, his price tag will go up. Extending it now will mean the Broncos can secure him for a reasonable amount.

Now all he has to do is continue growing. He hasn’t reached his ceiling yet.

Yvonne Hew is the Denver Broncos Lead Writer for Pro Football Spot. You can follow her on Twitter at @yvonnehew1. Looking for more Broncos news and features? Follow @spot_broncos and @pfspot.