The biggest question this past few weeks is where Tony Romo will play in next season.

Tony Romo’s time in Dallas is pretty much over due to the unexpected rise of the young Dak Prescott. Romo has a contract that runs trough 2020, making him extremely costly to trade to other teams. He’s set to make roughly 17 million next season, and a total of around 40 million over the final two seasons. If the Cowboys were to cut Romo it would cost them almost 20 million dollars in cap space in 2017 alone, so cutting him seems like a last resort idea, while trading him is the most realistic option.

Still wondering where Romo will play in 2017? Here is a list of teams and situations in which Romo could find himself next year… and yes the Cowboys are on the list.


Buffalo Bills

The bills aren’t planning on picking up Tyrod Taylor’s contract for next season, meaning they are on the look for a new QB. With new head coach Sean McDermott looking to possibly change things up on offense, Romo could be just the man for the job. A lot of people have the argument that the bills are only one good quarterback away from taking the next step and finally making the playoffs for the first team in 17 years.

With that being said it isn’t likely that the bills would want to go from a young quarterback, who ranked ninth in Total QBR in 2016 and seventh in 2015, to an older  quarterback who hasn’t played much in the last two seasons.

Denver Broncos

John Elway believes his team is close to returning to another super bowl, but doesn’t know if young quarterbacks Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian are going to be able to get it done. Romo could be the one to lead them to the Super Bowl much sooner rather than later. Also, the Broncos already proved they could win with an older quarterback, when Payton Manning lead them to Super Bowl 49.

Romo would be very expensive for the Broncos to bring in for just a few years. Elway wants to get away from the older quarterbacks, and start building his team around a young quarterback. What it would cost to bring in Romo, the Broncos could use elsewhere to improve some weak spots on the roster.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers need a new quarterback soon. Collin Kaepernick doesn’t seem to be the future for the 49ers anymore, so that means the team needs a quarterback that is going to take them to a better record than 2-14. New head coach Kyle Shanahan is a great offensive mind, and him and Romo could do some great things if done the right way.

This doesn’t seem like a hot spot for Romo to land. This is a team that is getting a new coach three years in a row, Romo isn’t looking to play in a rebuild team, but rather, he wants to play for a contender. The 49ers are at least two to three years away from making a playoff run.

Dallas Cowboys

This is the only team that Romo has ever known. He has done a lot of special things in Dallas and would love to do one more special thing: add a Super Bowl. The Cowboys could offer Romo 21 million over the next three years, but that’s a pretty high price for a backup.

Being able to keep both Dak and Romo would be the best solution for the Cowboys. Romo wants to compete and play this season, and that is highly unlikely to happen in Jerry world. It’s also been speculated the Cowboys could restructure his contract to find a workable solution.

Houston Texans

Brock Osweiler didn’t do much in 2016 to prove to the front office that he is the guy moving forward, giving Romo a chance to step in and lead an already playoff caliber team even farther in 2017. Houston has one of the best defenses in the NFL, but the offense has had its ups and downs in the last few years. Romo could be just what the offense is looking for.

The Texans have roughly 16 million in guaranteed money wrapped up in Osweiler for the 2017 season. They are more than likely to keep Osweiler for the 2017 season, than cut him in the offseason. That doesn’t give them a lot of money to be able to give to Romo, and Romo doesn’t want to work for cheap.

New York Jets

The Jets have problems at quarterback, starting three different quarterbacks in 2016. With Ryan Fitzpatrick out, who was ranked 29th overall in Total QBR, tossed 17 interceptions while only throwing 12 touchdowns, the jets can’t rely on Bryce petty and Christian Hackenberg to get the job done just yet.

Romo could be the short-term solution for helping a team bounce back from a 5-11 season, but the team is full of players that are 30 plus years old. Romo will be 37 in April, meaning the team probably wouldn’t have success for long with Romo under center.

Other options

These three teams are an highly unlikely option, but are still in the mix for Romo.

  • Arizona Cardinals
  •  Jacksonville Jaguars
  •  Washington Redskins

Tony Romo has also received three offers to retire to television.


Of course, there’s always the slight possibility that Romo lands on his couch, retired and enjoying life on his rear end rather than his back as usual.




Authored by Dylan Kitchel, writer for Pro Football Spot Cowboys division. You can follow Dylan on Twitter @Kitchel19.