The Tennessee Titans (6-6) are finally coming off their bye week and sit back at 0.500. They have a chance to have a winning record for the first time of the season with a win over the Denver Broncos (8-4). Our staff gets back to predicting the score and results of the game after a week off:

Stoney Keeley, @StoneyKeeley (8-4):

The Denver Broncos aren’t the type of team that the Titans are accustomed to beating, but something just feels different about 2016, doesn’t it? Call it a gut feeling, but I think the Titans will be able to run the ball effectively and control the pace of the game. They’re fresh off of a bye, and Denver isn’t exactly playing the best football of its season. If the Titans face Paxton Lynch, it’ll provide for an advantage, as the rookie is struggling. But, even if Trevor Siemian gets the nod, he’s a game manager. The Titans pass rush should be able to rattle him enough to help out the secondary. That’s the key to the game. If Siemian/Lynch have time to get the ball downfield, the weak Titans secondary is toast. Still, I think the Titans eek out the biggest win of their season. Tennessee Titans – 24, Denver Broncos – 21

Lucas Davis, @LDsportswriter (5-7):

I think Tennessee shocks quite a few people this week when they host the Broncos. Denver struggles against the run, and Tennessee has DeMarco Murray, a fresh Derrick Henry and a really good offensive line all coming off of a bye week. If the Titans establish the run, allowing quarterback Marcus Mariota to utilize the play action, Tennessee could be right on its way to 7-6. The only thing holding them back will be the defensive secondary.  The quarterback position is a question mark for Denver, but whether its Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch, the back four of the Titans are going to have to get better real quick. This is a chance for the Titans to put serious pressure on the rest of the division before heading to Kansas City next week to face a hot Chiefs team. Tennessee Titans – 20, Denver Broncos – 17

Kenneth Goit, @KennethGoit (5-7):

The Denver Broncos are the type of team that the Titans have to worry about. They are the type of team that beat the Titans in Week 1. They are extremely similar to the Minnesota Vikings: a very strong defense, with an offense that isn’t spectacular but has the potential to put up big numbers. Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian, who should start the game, has been putting up an average QB Productivity Rating of 28.41, whereas the Titans have allowed a 53.36 average, meaning that they could very well lead to one of those games where Siemian throws for multiple touchdowns and few mistakes. I see this game being a big statistical day for the first-year starter. Denver Broncos – 31, Tennessee Titans – 20