The Rams Offense Seems To Have Moved On From Tavon Austin

When the Rams acquired Sammy Watkins for E.J. Gains. That move showed that the Rams no longer have a use for Tavon Austin. The Rams have given Austin plenty of opportunities to become the star of this offense. While Austin was able to show that he had big play ability, he was unable to do it on a consistent basis. Another concerning fact about Austin was that he was unable to learn the playbook at a reasonable pace. The Rams need to admit their mistake, and cut ties with Austin. If they can find a team willing to eat Tavon’s contract, they should pull the trigger. Here are three reasons why the Rams should get rid of Tavon Austin.

1. There Isn’t Room For Austin

Austin was set to be the Rams #1 receiver on the roster. Watkins will become the Rams new #1 and Robert Woods will play across from him as the #2. Rookie Cooper Kupp has the slot position locked up after a strong showing in camp. So where does this leave Austin? The Rams recently shipped off Greg Robinson to Detroit because there wasn’t room for him on the Rams offensive line. Austin could serve as a capable receiver for a team that already has an established offense like the Steelers, Eagles, or Patriots. The Rams should try to get a future draft pick in exchange, because they just got rid of their 2nd round pick.

2. The Rams Need Cap Space

While the big trade is fun for Rams fans to talk about, there are more concerning issues. The Rams have yet to come to terms with Aaron Donald on a new contract. Donald wants to get paid and the Rams are going to need as much cap room as they can get. The Rams are also going to want to resign newly acquired Sammy Watkins. Watkins has one year left on his contract and depending on how he plays, will want a big pay day as well. The teams also has plans to resign Mark Barron and Alec Ogletree. Austin is set to make $15 million this year. That is a lot of money for a #4 receiver.

3. The Rams Need Picks

The Rams gave up next year’s second round pick in addition to E.J. Gains for Sammy Watkins. The Rams didn’t have many picks this past draft due to the Goff trade. If the Rams could get back the 2nd round pick or the worst a 4th round pick, they would be in better shape for the future.


If the Rams actually believe they have a place for Austin, good for them. But it can’t a big enough role for the money he is making. Genreal Manager Les Snead has shown he can make a big trade. Does he have one more left in him before the regular season? Only time will tell.

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