Indiana lost 35-21 to Michigan State on Saturday night, a tough game that dropped the Hooisers to 3-1 on the season. This was a frustrating loss in which MSU’s rush defense torched the Hoosiers all night, daring Indiana to throw when they couldn’t get Stevie Scott going. IU’s defense had a pretty good night overall, but couldn’t stop MSU in a few critical moments, including on a third-and-17 close to the end of the first half, as well as a fake field goal early in the second half.
Overall, however, this could have been a closer game than the final score indicated. And in games like this, college football is won and lost on the margins. Michigan State edged out IU in these margins on Saturday, and this led them to victory.
Three plays in particular on Saturday showed how tiny the margin is between victory and defeat for a team like Indiana.


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