The Hall Of Fame Game Is Tomorrow

Yes, the first football game of the season is upon us! The Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys will play in Canton for the Hall Of Fame Game. The Hall Of Fame is in honor of the players that are being inducted into the Hall Of Fame. There are seven players being inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Including former Rams quarterback Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner got his start with the Rams and led them to a Super Bowl victory against the Tennessee Titans. In honor of Kurt Warner I am going to highlight, three of his former teammates, who deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame.

Issac Bruce

This may be my own personal bias but how can you not love Issac Bruce? He scored the game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. He has the fifth best single season in receiving yards, 12th in career touchdowns, and fourth in career receiving yards. This man has the qualifications to be in Canton and yet he was snubbed in 2016. This man was a professional on and off the field and was always great to the fans. He deserves the Hall Of Fame.

ST. LOUIS, MO – OCTOBER 10: St. Louis Ram receiver Isaac Bruce celebrates with the crowd as the game with the San Francisco 49ers comes to an end 10 October, 1999. Bruce had four touchdown catches in the game as the Rams beat the 49ers 42-20 breaking a 17-game losing streak against San Francisco. AFP PHOTO/Peter Newcomb (Photo credit should read PETER NEWCOMB/AFP/Getty Images)

London Fletcher

Fletcher was a huge factor for the defense during their super bowl run. He wasn’t a Ray Lewis type player, but his play was on the level of elite. When Fletcher left the Rams, you could see the defensive level of play decreased. Fletcher played in 224 games straight, which regardless of any position, that is amazing. From 2000-2011 Fletcher led the NFL in tackles, even besting Ray Lewis. Fletcher was also a professional on and off the field. Fletcher may be a tougher sell but eventually I believe he will be inducted.

Torry Holt

The other receiver that made the Greatest Show on Turf what it was. Holt was unstoppable on the opposite side of Bruce. Holt played the majority of his career with the Rams and put up Hall Of Fame numbers to show it. Collecting 74 touchdowns, 920 receptions, 13,382 yards, and never missed more than 3 games in a season. Holt was a role model off the field as well. Holt, like Bruce and many other receivers has been snubbed so far. This may be due to voters having higher standards for receivers. Regardless, these men should be in the Hall Of Fame.


The Rams have had not had many special players worthy of the Hall Of Fame. The Greatest Show on Turf has been the only glimmer of success that this Franchise has seen in quite some time. The NFL would be doing a disservice by neglecting these players from the Hall Of Fame.

Andrew Parks is the Lead Writer for Los Angeles Rams for Pro Football Spot. To see more articles about the Los Angeles Rams click HERE

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