The Chiefs began purging the roster yesterday, with a few “surprises.” Let’s work our way through the cuts, with a few observations/thoughts/mindless drivel along the way.

CB Vince Agnew

Well, this was just completely inevitable after Agnew gave up 19 catches for 408 yards and 9 touchdowns against the Saints the very first week of preseason. I exaggerate, of course. But not by all that much. As one friend of mine put it, Agnew had already shown that in the event of an injury he would be nothing but a liability. Not even kind of a surprise.

DE Miguel Chavis

Chavis got some love during training camp and some thought he might stick, but that didn’t translate into preseason game success. And when you’re on the bubble, you need to perform in preseason games.

WR Terrance Copper

I’ll genuinely miss Copper and was surprised to see him cut. He’s managed to hang on for years now despite doing almost nothing in the passing game. He was a ST guy through and through, and apparently with Dave Toub revealing himself to be the ST Messiah there’s no longer a need for Copper. I hope he catches on somewhere

OL Ryan Durand


OL Hutch Eckerson


OL AJ Hawkins

Who? OK, fine, I’ll say something else. It’s worth noting that 3 of our “depth” OL were cut right away. Given that our depth OL has generally looked like a death trap for our QBs, this is not surprising.

DB Otha Foster III

Not enough people make their name fancy with a “the third.” Just thought I’d throw that out there.

DE Rob Lohr

Never had a chance.

CB Kamaal McIlwain

I’m gonna have to roll with “who?” again…

RB Jordan Roberts

Poor Roberts, he’s caught at a deep position. Some fans held out hope, but the guy never did anything to stand out. And once again, when you’re on the bubble you’d better flash at least once in a preseason game.

WR Tyler Shoemaker

Shoemaker is a fan favorite (kind of a new age Bobby Sippio), but isn’t particularly fast, strong, or quick. It’s tough to make it as a WR without those things.

DB Neiko Thorpe

This cut surprised me more than Agnew, despite Agnew being higher on the depth chart. Color me concerned with our CB depth.

FB Braden Wilson

Wilson had at least a few fans, and some thought he’d push for the starting job. In my opinion the writing was on the wall for Wilson the moment the Arenas/Sherman trade was complete. Hopefully he makes the practice squad and gets a chance to develop or it’s a wasted pick

QB Ricky Stanzi

If I can trust Twitter, this was the worst cut in the history of the universe, Stanzi never got a fair chance (because, you know, coaches can’t evaluate players in practice), and our SB hopes are now dashed. This guy has got some diehard fans, so hats off to him for that.

Overall, there haven’t been any huge surprises (other than maybe Copper) so far. I think that’ll change as the roster parsing continues. Cyrus Gray vs. Shaun Draughn for that 3rd RB spot is one to keep an eye on. It could well be that the loser of that battle gets shown the door.

I’m hoping to see the young WR group of Jamar Newsome, Junior Hemingway, and Rico Richardson make the cut. Which leaves Devon Wylie out in the cold, but quite frankly I can’t see anything Wylie does that other guys don’t do better. Rico, Jamar, and Junior have all shown more this preseason than Wylie despite fewer opportunities.

I’m also a little interested in our remaining DL depth. Mike Catapano has been a fan favorite and looks like he could tear a tree out of the ground by its roots… but he’s been injured, and didn’t really do much against the Steelers. Should be interesting.

Next surprise cut? I have literally no idea. Maybe Tony Moeaki if his injury keeps him out for any appreciable length of time. Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess.