There will be some names on here that you’ve never heard of. There will be a name or two on here that you’re wondering why that player is listed. If a player is projected to go in the 20’s, he can still be underrated. I’ll state my case for each. Starting with the position that makes this sport go round.

I don’t think there is an underrated quarterback. There might be a quarterback later in the draft that turns into a spot starter years down the road and is able to finesse a contract much like Case Keenum. This is a 5 quarterback draft. I might be in the minority here but I don’t really believe in “developmental quarterbacks.” By that I mean taking one in the 3rd round and let him develop. There’s a difference between letting your 1st round pick sit a year and letting your late day 2-3 QB sit for three years. That just doesn’t happen.


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