Richard Wade: We are only a week into the season, but there have already been plenty of surprises (and sadly plenty of things we have come to expect). What has been the biggest surprise to you through game 1, though?
Jamie Sewell: Kenny Wiggins. Nobody really thought that he’d even be on the roster after the preseason, and he’s turned into an important part of the starting OL, to the point where a Kenny Wiggins injury is a big concern. I didn’t see that coming.
Garrett Sisti: For me it’s easy. The fact the Kenny Wiggins not only has taken a step forward in his progression when it looked bleak for years now but also being one of the Chargers best Offensive Lineman.
Richard: The biggest surprise has to be that the Chargers offensive line was actually able to more/less hold their own against the Broncos front seven.


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