Usually, I’ll write an article penning my thoughts on the Chargers game the day after it happens. I wanted to give a rational rather than emotional piece, so I decided to wait an extra day this week to let the anger and disappointment subside. Only, those feelings haven’t gone anywhere. If anything, they’ve intensified the further away from the Dolphins game we’ve gotten. They’re not going away, either.
As NFL fans, we wait eight months for the new NFL season to start. That’s eight months of anticipation for the new season, for the chance to have a clean slate. Every team is equal. Anything can happen. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and there’s no feeling in sports quite like the first game of a new season. It doesn’t matter how bad your team is, or how unfancied they might be in the media – they’ve got a chance. This might be their year.


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