It comes down to two questions:

1: Will the Browns get a win this season?


2: Where will they land in the draft?

It has been a Browns season to out Browns the Browns. QB injuries from the get-go, issues with the defense, and a trade that until recent weeks seemed like we had traded Philly Superman for the farm.

And as we move toward the final weeks of the NFL, things don’t look any easier. Those games will see the Browns facing the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills; with three of those games taking place in hostile road environments. (Steelers, Bills, and Ravens)

But the Ravens and Steelers and Bengals are not the AFCN of old. The best teams are a tie between the Ravens and Steelers at 4-4, with the Ravens walloping the Steelers this week. A Steelers team on a three-game losing streak. The Bengals are feeling the pressure of losing Hue and have only put up winning numbers in three games this year. So is it possible that Cleveland wins a game? Yes. And it’s possible that it comes from their home division. The Steelers are borderline terrible without a healthy Big Ben, the Ravens just doesn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders, and the Bengals seem like their Red Rifle is out of ammo. There is every reason that the Browns could win one against each of these teams this year to finish 3-13. Those Bills are gonna be tough.

But let us imagine that Cleveland loses out the rest of the season. Not impossible at this point. They would, in Browns fashion, not even be the first team to accomplish such a feat, but would be the latest. And that would clinch them a number one draft pick. Moneyball says that there is a chance to trade away and amass more draft picks, but the Browns are also in league with the idea of winning (this year is a build year, we all know this) so it would not be surprising for them to take the best player available on their board. Many people think that it will be QB DeShone Kizer of Notre Dame, or Clemson Tiger QB Deshaun Watson.

But this guy thinks it will be Myles Garrett, the DE from Texas A&M. When the Browns hit the field, it isn’t the QB that is losing games. The Cleveland defense has been gashed over and over again by superior offenses. And Cody Kessler is everything a QB should be, behind a line that is only good on it’s left side, so Cam Robinson of Alabama might find his way to the top of the board. But Cleveland has 2 picks in the first round, and depending how well Philly does, it could be a game changer for the little Browns that couldn’t.

So this guy is calling a 2-14 season with the Browns picking up Myles Garrett at #1, and Cam Robinson at #15. Good luck Browns fans. It’s a year to remember to forget.