After beating the breaks off of the Denver Broncos, the Dolphins are still alive in their playoff hopes, even if only by a little. The Dolphins have another game against the New England Patriots, a game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and two games against the Buffalo Bills.The Dolphins currently sit at 5-7. While they probably won’t beat the Patriots even if they do not have Rob Gronkowski, the other games are possible wins.

The Chiefs have free-fallen from grace over the last few weeks. The Chiefs have imploded on themselves, losing to some of the worse teams in the NFL.  If they can contain tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill, and avoid turnovers, the Dolphins could come out with a win on this one. The Dolphins will have to go play in one of the loudest stadiums and keep the mistakes to a minimum. While a win won’t be easy, it is entirely possible.

This is where the easier wins can come. The Bills will potentially be without quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and instead will be lead by rookie Nathan Peterman. Now, we all saw Peterman’s performance a few weeks ago against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Dolphins came come up with a few interceptions and score points on defense. As long as the offense shows up, similarly to how it did against the Broncos in both games, the Dolphins will be in good shape.

The only problem with the Dolphins’s dwindling playoff hopes is that they do not control their own destiny. Currently, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens hold the two wild card spots. They would need these teams to fall out of the playoffs as well as keep winning their games. The Dolphins just need to keep doing their part and win games and hope the rest of the cards fall in their favor.