As the August 25th release date of Madden 18 draws closer, more and more information about the game is being released. Recently it was revealed who the best player at every position was.

It’s not shocking to learn that Tom Brady, the cover athlete, is the best quarterback. Or that Le’Veon Bell is the best running back. Or even that Von Miller is the best outside linebacker. What is shocking came at the bottom of the article.

Towards the end it was revealed who the best player on every roster was. It started with the Patriots, Broncos and Rams who had 99s in Brady, Miller and Aaron Donald. It ended with the Jets whose highest ranked player was Leonard Williams at 89.

Only four teams had a player ranked less than 90 as their best. Outside of the Jets, the Chargers, Lions and Bears fell to reach the 90 threshold.

The Chargers’ best were Melvin Ingram and Keenan Allen, both 89. The Lions’ best was Darius Slay, also an 89. As for the Bears, lineman Josh Sitton was ranked as the team’s best player with a score of 89.

Sitton has been absolutely dominant during his time in the NFL. He has reached the Pro Bowl four times, including the past three seasons. Per the Washington Post, Sitton has only allowed 17 sacks over his nine year career. He has allowed zero in two of the past three seasons.

Sitton also ranked quite highly with Pro Football Focus last season, earning a high-quality grade of 85.7. Sitton is a key focal point of the line PFF ranked fifth best heading into 2017.

It’s obviously not Sitton’s skill set that makes his top player ranking shocking. He’s clearly one of the best players in all of the NFL and one of the Bear’s best players in real life.

But when it comes to Madden you expect the top players to be skill position guys or defensive weapons. When someone is crafting a team, offensive line is usually the last thing they look to improve.

As for other teams with lineman as their best player, outside of the Bears only the Ravens, Cowboys, Redskins and Browns fit the bill. Five teams out of 32 shows just how little the offensive line is respected.

If Bears fans were asked who the best player on the team was, their most likely answer would be Jordan Howard or Leonard Floyd. You’d expect one of those two to be the Bears best player in game as Howard plays running back and Floyd is a defensive force.

Instead Madden took a different route and made an interior offensive lineman the best in Chicago. It goes to show just how good the Bears offensive line could be, and makes things a bit scarier in terms of Howard’s production.

The Chicago Bears have the best interior offensive lineman in the NFL. Now when you play Madden 18, you’ll get to see exactly why.


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