This series will determine the ultimate UNC football uniform combination. Each week, your vote decides which set advances to the next round.
Last week’s matchup was a landslide, as your votes overwhelmingly favored the top seed in the bracket. The top four seeds will advance to the quarterfinals. Here is the updated bracket (click to enlarge):

In this week’s matchup, a standard set from the 1990s and early 2000s goes up against a set with a special helmet.
5. 1995-2003 white-on-blue with blue helmet

Oscar Davenport in 1997 Gator BowlGetty

In Chapel Hill in the ‘90s, things were changing in football. The North Carolina Tar Heels had winning records in all but one season during the decade, won five of seven bowl games, and Kenan Memorial Stadium started its transformation into a modern and expansive facility.