Terrance Williams loved having rookie Dak Prescott as the new starter in Dallas.

Last Week, Terrance Williams stopped by the Will P Show on SB Nation to talk about how Dallas played in 2016. Williams says the wins they had came with fight and determination, and not even one was easy.

“I think we did great this year,” observed Williams, via The Will P Show on SB Nation. “I think the wins that we had were good quality wins. Some didn’t come easy, most of them came hard…I just think you start a goal and if you don’t get it, you get somewhere that you never been before and so you just gotta go back to the drawing board and work even harder.”

Looking back on their only playoff game, T-Will talks about how high tensions were for the Cowboys. He gave props to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for taking advantage of Dallas’s mistakes.

“Playing somebody like [Aaron Rodgers], that entire game was one of the most nerve-racking game ever,” Williams stated. “When you have a QB like Rodgers and you give him that much time, you get to hoping that something happens because he’s such a great player and we just ended up on the short end of [him] making great play.”

Williams didn’t leave the conversation without praising Dak Prescott. He focused on how Dak’s demeanor helped the Cowboys in crucial moments of each game in 2016. Without missing a beat. Williams was quick to share how Dak’s leadership impacted the team’s success in each game.

“Playing with Dak is always great,” stated Williams. “When you have a quarterback that’s not always moody, by that, I mean sometimes you have a QB that’s happy or sometimes he’s mad or sometimes you don’t even know the mood — but, with Dak you go in the huddle and he’s always calm. He’s always cool, calm and collected. No matter if we’re down by such amount of points or winning.”

“Dak is just one of those guys that you tell him to do something, and he pays attention to the small things. And that’s what makes him so great.”

Terrance Williams in Free Agency

Williams is a free agent heading out of a career season in 2016. Wide receiver Brice Butler is also a free agent in 2017. Dallas will have to choose which to keep, and which to cut. The Cowboys have stated that keeping Williams is a top priority. He won’t come at a cheap price, but Dallas will do their best to work out a way to keep T-Will.






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