Welcome back to TDG’s Football Seminar. Today we will be taking a look at one of the essential concepts of Minnesota’s offense-the Run Pass Option or RPO.
Before we start defining what a Run Pass Option is, let’s first define what it is not. An RPO is not a simple read option. The word Pass is important. Second, not every play in the playbook is an RPO, though every play could conceptually be one. Demry Croft’s touchdown run at the end of Oregon State game was not an RPO because there was not an option to pass the ball. He read the defender, kept the ball, and sprinted to daylight. He did not have another read after that.
So if a RPO is not simply a read option, what the heck is it? A RPO is a play that is designed to put a specific defender in conflict, should he defend a wide receiver route, or should he defend against the run.


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