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The Buccaneers are on full display again this week as we continue to follow the HBO series Hard Knocks. This week they have joint practices prior to their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and try to come together as not just a team, but a family.


The show starts off focusing on the effort Jameis Winston puts in, and it’s on another level!

Making plays is talked about as well as accountability.  You can see that Winston has embraced his role as a leader for the Bucs and is trying to turn the team into a family.

With the supporting cast around him, he has a great opportunity to do just that if, he can stay away from making the poor decisions he is prone to.

Doug Martin on full display.

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Doug Martin is shown as a fan favorite.  Not only are the fans behind him, but it seems Dirk Koetter is on his side as well.

Martin speaks about bringing veteran leadership and how he has to provide that for this young Buccaneers group.

Being in his 6th season which will be shortened by the 3 game PED suspension, he will have to be a sideline leader for the rest of the running backs out of the gate.

Martin is featured as he shows on the first series against the Jags. H appears in game shape and ready to contribute capping off the first drive with a rushing touchdown.


Who is the backup QB in Tampa?

Ryan Fitzpatrick seems uninspired and unmotivated by his play as well as his comments to Winston on the sideline.

With Ryan Griffin injured, it muddles the picture even more.

We only see brief glimpses of the other quarterbacks on the roster with no real clarity on the situation.

Gerald McCoy showing how to be a leader and a part of the family.

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Gerald provides a great show of unity by paying for food trucks at lunch time for the whole team.  This gesture is something that can help bring them together as a cohesive family unit and allow them to take their team play to the next level.

When the joint practices against the Jags are under way McCoy is portrayed to be unblockable.

Pairing him on the interior with Chris Baker and an improved pass rush on the outside could pay big dividends for the defense.

Another Buccaneer down.

Focusing on Maurice Fleming for a good bit of the show we knew something was bound to happen.

The injury he sustained in the games vs the Jaguars has ended his rookie season training camp.

He played injured and showed the heart to battle when it mattered most.

Fleming showed an amazing work ethic.  Hopefully, he makes a complete recovery and can contribute to the Buccaneers at some point in his career.


This episode went deeper into the Buccaneers trying to become a family lead by Winston and McCoy on their respective sides of the ball.  Episode 4 should provide a better glimpse into that as the Week 3 preseason game vs the Cleveland Browns should be on full display.


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