The Rams and Chargers Are Already Battling For L.A.

The Rams and Chargers held a joint practice on Saturday. The biggest sign that this is a new team under Sean McVay is that there were no fights during this scrimmage at all! We are used to seeing Jeff Fisher teams fighting the opponent in a meaningless spring camp. While the lack of fighting was a nice surprise, there were other things to take away from the scrimmage. Mostly, the offense seemed to looked improved under McVay’s offensive system.  Here are some takeaways from the Saturday practice:

Gurley Running “Violent”

Apparently, Todd Gurley is back from his “sophmore slump”. McVay was asked about Gurley’s performance vs the Chargers. McVay said he saw “a violent runner.”  “He did a great job of getting it out into the open field,” McVay said. This is good news for Rams fans who saw an abysmal Todd Gurley  in 2016. Look, it wasn’t all his fault. He was in a Jeff Fisher offense, which is run, run, run, and punt. The defenses knew Gurley was getting the ball so they would put 8 men in the box. There was virtually no passing game either. Name a running back that would be able to put up a good season with that. This offense may have hope if we can see the 2015 Gurley.

Goff Starting To Be More Efficient

There weren’t many big throws by Goff, instead he took what the Chargers were letting him have. This is excellent news for Rams fans, Goff is learning that not everything needs to be a downfield throw. Being patient and waiting for the one opportunity to gut the defense is the only way this offense will be able to be a threat. A concerning part of the practice is that Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram practically lived in the Rams backfield. Had this been a real game Goff may have been sacked 6 or 7 times. This offensive line needs to find their rhythm if this offense will succeed.

Defense Is A Concern

The uncertainty of the Rams secondary showed up at practice. They were beat by Philip Rivers on a few downfield throws. The defense was missing 5 starters with Donald, Easely, Quinn, Brockers, and Joyner all not participating. Nonetheless, we see that the secondary needs to solidify. The Rams will need to see what options they have for depth when injuries occur.


These games are just for the players to get back into the thick of things. There is no tackling involved and it is all situational drills. In fact, Goff was impressive on a two minute drill which resulted in a field goal. But as fans, we like to see what players have improved, and which players did not. From the looks of it, it seems that we can expect 2015 Gurley and a much improved Goff under Sean McVay. Now, the “rational” fan will point out that this was one practice and they have a point. But for us optimist, we are going to take the Goff route and “take what we can get”.

Andrew Parks is the Lead Writer for Los Angeles Rams for Pro Football Spot. To see more articles about the Los Angeles Rams click HERE

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