On this week’s topic, I have to give a shout out to a family friend who showed us a mind blowing hack last weekend at a BBQ. You take a bag of chips and turn it into its own bowl. Yes, a bag becomes a bowl. Here’s a short video, thanks to digitaLLoupe:
[embedded content]
Thus, this week’s article on tailgating hacks was born.
There are a million videos and Pinterest posts out there on the subject, but I thought I would bring a few of the best to you this week. This next video, courtesy of The List Show TV, has four hacks I found to be pretty awesome. Here’s a synopsis if you can’t watch the video right now:
—Put magnets on can coozies and stick them on anything metal
—Use a six pack as a condiment carrier
—Take an empty laundry detergent container and use it as a washing station (just rinse it out, then add water.


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