Most working people in the world dislike their jobs.  Martavis Bryant gets to play football and potentially make millions of dollars for a living.  He loves his occupation but not his current position.  Bryant is very unhappy in Pittsburgh because of his lack of targets over the past couple of weeks.  He needs to stop acting like a cry-baby rookie and understand his role on the team.

Every wide receiver has complained about not getting the ball enough.  Even his teammate Antonio Brown who’s targeted more than any other receiver in the NFL displayed his anger about not having enough opportunities earlier this season.  Maybe Bryant heard and saw Brown’s actions and figured he’d try the same thing.  The problem is he’s not Antonio Brown and took it a big step further by telling the team that he wants out if his targets continue to decrease.  Bryant is a very good WR and feels he’s not getting enough play calls his way.  Join the club sir!



Martavis Bryant has publicly said he either wants the ball more in Pittsburgh or wants to go somewhere he’ll get the rock on a consistent basis.  Clearly Bryant isn’t a team player because the Steelers are built to make a title run in the AFC conference.  This team has a lot of weapons including the emerging Juju Smith-Schuster whom Bryant took a shot at on Instagram over the weekend.  Why do that?  I’ll tell you this; Bryant his not helping his cause at all by acting like a child.  Not many teams will put up with a player like that no matter how good he is.  Look at some of the greats like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens who despite their ability were released by several teams during their careers due to their attitude problems and off field actions.


Mike Tomlin stated that he’s not trading Bryant and it’s not the most important thing on his mind.  To our knowledge, Tomlin has yet to speak to Bryant about this situation.  I’ll tell you this my friends: Tomlin WILL trade or release Bryant rather then have him disrupt the team and cause issues in the locker room.  Tomlin is a no nonsense man and if he can suspend or bench Bryant to teach this young man a lesson you can bet he will use his authority to do that instead.

He’s only in his 4th year with the Pittsburgh Steelers but was suspended for the entire 2016 season due to repeated failed drug tests.  Mike Tomlin and the Steelers organization stood by him and supported Bryant as he prepared to come back for 2017.  One would think he’d show some appreciation and keep these kind of issues in house.

In the Steelers last two games Bryant has only recorded 3 catches for 30 yards.  I get it, he wants to be in on the action.  But how about being happy that the Steelers won both of those games as their offense has began to click.  Every wide receiver goes through a bad few games and if they’re good enough like Bryant they’ll come back the next week and light up the scoreboard.  It’s not like the Steelers are purposely avoiding his side of the field!  Every game is different and match ups along with defensive schemes will determine the offensive game plan.

Bryant has a choice.  He can keep up these antics and see what cards if any are dealt to him.  Or he can take the high road and publicly apologize to his team, the fans and the great Steelers franchise for acting like a fool and move on.

Bryant is an important part of this offense and they are better with him on the field.  His ability makes opposing defenses have to account for him which is why other players are getting the ball in single pass coverage.  He should take it as a compliment if anything but our wonderful NFL wide receiver divas always have something to say.

In my opinion the best thing for Martavis Bryant to do is address his teammates and apologize for what transpired over the past few weeks and promise to keep his mouth shut and help the team in any way he can.  Bryant is under contract with the Steelers though next season.  Perhaps Pittsburgh makes a trade in the off season if Bryant is still unhappy or he rides it out over the next year and half and waits to sign a nice contract with another organization.  Either way Bryant needs to keep it quiet and go play the best football he can for the time being.