The Steelers have locked up one of the NFL’s best head coaches until the year 2020.  Mike Tomlin, who’s contract was set to expire in 2018, agreed to a 2-year extension with Pittsburgh.  The extension was announced through the team’s twitter page earlier this evening.

Tomlin’s resume speaks for itself, as his tenure in Pittsburgh has been highly successful.  Since becoming head coach in 2007, he has accumulated a record of 103-57 and has not had a single losing season.  In just his second year at the helm, he led the franchise to its sixth Lombardi trophy; team made another Super Bowl appearance in 2011, but fell to Aaron Rodgers‘ Green Bay Packers.

Believe it or not, Tomlin is still just 45-years old, which is considered young for an NFL coach.  If he is able maintain the same level of success he had during his first decade with the team, he could be around for a lot longer.

There are teams that treat the head coaching position like a temp job, and then there’s Pittsburgh.  Since 1969, the franchise has employed just three head coaches, including Tomlin.  The Steelers believe stability and consistency help build a great football team, so they would likely prefer not to search for a new coach any time soon.

Tomlin has shown not just the ability to lead a team, but also to build one.  Besides Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison, there are no players left on the roster from the Bill Cowher era;  every other current player has either been drafted or signed as a free agent under Tomlin.  The Steelers played in the AFC Championship game last year are a favorite to win the Super Bowl this season, so there’s no doubt Tomlin has built a pretty good team in Pittsburgh.

It’s good to see the coach being rewarded for the tremendous job he’s done.