Virginia Football returns in four short weeks (and a day). As the Hoos prepare to take on William and Mary on September 2nd, our staff here at STL is joining in on the fun. Today, we discuss the first of four preseason roundtable topics: Who will be your breakout player – offensively and defensively – for the season? Paul “Tiki” Guttman, Matt “Trogs” Trogdon, Danny “The Stats Guy” Neckel, Paul “The O-Line is a Skill Position, Too, Guys” Wiley, Eric “Hobes” Hobeck, Ryan “Reese’s Pieces” Reese, and Jay “Can We Trivia Yet” Pierce all weigh in.
Tiki: This may be the easy answer, but Andrew Brown is my breakout player. He was basically completely overlooked last year in favor of Kiser and Blanding, but Brown led the team with 13 tackles for loss (TFL). As much as anything, injuries have held him back throughout his career.