If you haven’t heard, and I am pretty sure you have, the Chicago Bears have a new head coach. Matt Nagy, the former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, is going to come to Chicago and try to help a team that has been stuck in reverse for several seasons. The news is welcome for sure.

(Photo Courtesy of the Ten Yard Line)

The Bears have lacked something important since former head coach Lovie Smith left a few years back. What is it? Wins! The Bears haven’t done that well at all and the last few years have been spent trying to fix what ails them. However, they keep on striking out. This is the latest attempt to fix the team and fans across the world are hoping that it works.

We want to see our favorite team succeed and we hope that Nagy can not only bring a winning attitude to the Bears but help them win. Will he be able to do what Bears’ fans have been so hungry for, for so long or will he fall flat like the last two head coaches have?

Can Nagy do it all by himself? He can’t. He’s going to need help from General Manager Ryan Pace. Pace must give him all the right tools to put together a team that wins games.

The upside to Nagy is that he worked with one of the best coaches in the NFL in Andy Reid. He had to have learned a lot from Reid during his time with him and will bring that knowledge to the Bears. You also must like his ability to work with quarterbacks as the Bears’ young quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, is going to get some great help and advice from him. You can bet that Trubisky will be playing a lot better in 2018 and will slowly start to acclimate to the offense as the season goes on.

We aren’t going to expect him to suddenly break out and be the NFL’s leading passer. But Carson Wentz did it, and there is no reason to think that Trubisky can’t do it either. Still, Trubisky isn’t going to get that far if he doesn’t have wide receivers to get the ball to. That will need to be priority number one this offseason. If you can get the receivers and solidify the offensive line, the offense should be much better in 2018.

I predict a turnaround of sorts for the Bears next season. Granted, you shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t do much next year but thinking positively, I bet they win more games next season than they did last season. If they can fix the holes that they had in 2017 and get better depth, I have a feeling this team could be headed for something special. Sure, we all may have had this optimism when John Fox came to the Bears three years ago, but it does feel different this time.

Why does it feel different? It’s because there is some continuity. They are going to have Vic Fangio back as the defensive coordinator. That will help with the defense immensely. They have also brought back some coaches and staff who have been here before.

Their new offensive coordinator, Mark Helfrich, is a promising coach with a lot of great ideas and a pedigree of being able to do some wonderful things with offenses. The assistant coaches are more than solid and will help give the individual units on the team the attention and proper instruction that they need. You can bet that each unit is going to have a better year next year provided they can get the help they need from their general manager.

You heard it here first, the Bears are going to be a much better team in 2018. This new head coaching hire, along with all the supporting coaches and staff that he has brought in will make this a better team. These guys are going to win and win consistently. Let’s have a little faith Bears’ fans. Things are going to be ok.