All eyes were on Mitch Trubisky when the Chicago Bears took the field yesterday; but really, all eyes are on the rookie QB since being drafted second overall in this years draft. Many expect Trubisky to be the quarterback of the future in Chicago, but what about Mike Glennon? What if he produces this season? Glennon is in the shadow of Mitch Trubisky, and maybe that’s best for him.

Many people do not know about Mike Glennon as he owns a 5-13 record. However, he has tossed 30 touchdowns to just 15 interceptions in his career. He put up those numbers while being behind center in a rough situation in Tampa Bay. We can blame some of that bad record for having a very bad offensive line in Tampa Bay. Mike Glennon saw himself get sacked 40 times in 2013, yes you read that right, 40! He stands at 6’7, so when the pocket broke down there was only one option…to fall.

Will Chicago Be Better to Mike Glennon?

Mike Glennon will benefit from having a better offensive line this year. The O-line will give Glennon time to pass, but he has to find a rhythm with the receivers. The Bears are still figuring out their receiving corps for 2017. One thing Bears fans will enjoy is that he owns a 2.4% interception rate. This will be new territory for Chicago Bears fans after watching Jay Cutler through the years.

Mike Glennon has shown glimpses of being a quality NFL quarterback. The record does not show it, but his statistics do. I believe that he is a very capable QB and will show some promise this year. However, I still expect Trubisky to fully take this job in the near future. Glennon playing well will make it hard for the Bears to make a change and may put a halt in plans. All eyes have been on Tribusky, and maybe that is a good thing for Mike Glennon.

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