The Los Angeles Rams think selling fewer tickets will be the answer to the problems like long lines and high traffic at the L.A. Coliseum.

It’s all about improving the fan experience, they said.

The Rams announced they will allot around 70,000 season tickets, which is roughly 10,000 less than they allowed last season. In 2016, the Rams were near the bottom of the league in average attendance with more than 56,000, according to ESPN. That average was 4,000 seats higher than the prior season’s average when they were still in St. Louis.

But during the 2016 season, the team saw crowds of more than 80,000 a handful of times. That’s something the St. Louis team never saw due to limited-capacity, and once again, a losing football team.

Vice President of Ticket Sales, Jake Bye, said the environment of the Coliseum was spectacular last season. But 2016 came with lessons learned about fan experience.

“The ability to purchase concessions in a quick orderly manner. Or the challenge of parking around the building, which was strained by putting that many people in the building,” Bye said.

The Rams roommates, the USC Trojans, are also seeing a dip in their average attendance numbers and crowds overall. This in spite of their success. During their return to the Rose Bowl last year, the Trojans saw fan numbers hovering in the mid-50,000’s to low-60,000’s. That could be thanks to their slow start of 1-3. But according to the Los Angles Daily News, the Trojans saw attendance of more than 70,000 one time; during their game against Arizona State.

Regardless of their slow start or dropped games, the Trojans still pull commanding numbers every season compared to what the Rams did last season. While concession improvements and other positives will improve the experience, it doesn’t get the people in the seats left empty by a losing football team. Winning fixes everything.

When head coach Sean Mcvay proves himself to be a great hire and the win totals go beyond seven for the first time in more than a decade, that is when fans will consistently return.