The Seahawks give opportunities and starts to undrafted players like no other NFL team. Their roster make-up in recent years has been soaked in players who didn’t hear their name called on the league’s annual selection weekend. In 2017, early signs point to one name being the name to watch moving towards the 2017 season, Purdue’s Jordan Roos.

The Man From Purdue

Jordan Roos, the offensive guard from Purdue was someone who was name dropped as the UDFA signing process began. The name drop came with ‘we nearly drafted him’ hooks and peaked interest in the player who played on a poor Boilermaker team.

After the past weekend’s Rookie mini camp, Roos’ name was the first name on Pete Carroll’s lips when asked for ‘other standouts’.

“I thought he looked really good. That was a really important signing for us. We had targeted him through the draft. He looks like he fits right in. We are trying to keep that whole position competitive and he looks like he’ll be ready to battle, with the guys who are going to be doing the playing.”

That quote, after Schneider’s ‘we wanted to draft’ claim last month is further supported by the fact Roos got the biggest wedge of UDFA cash of the 8 signees Seattle made. It’s what Trevone Boykin turned into winning the backup QB job just twelve months ago.

Roos, seems someone who has the grit the Seahawks aim for. He played on a poor Purdue team but never let the lopsided scoreboards see him ease up. In a pre-draft interview here, Roos added: “We only won 9 games my whole career, so it was important for me to make sure that I’m still putting out good tape. In a third or fourth quarter, you can turn on the film and not be able to tell that we’re down by a lot of points—that’s a huge thing I like to hang my hat on. You can say, ‘No matter what the score is, Jordan Roos is giving it everything he’s got.”

That is the sort of competing that will sit him well in the facility in Seattle.

His Path to the 53

So what of his chances to make the 53 coming out of camp and into the 2017 season? He faces a tough battle against fellow draftees and 2016 starters. But he has alot in his favour.

Outside of the aforementioned ‘grit’, Roos has the size on the interior that Tom Cable loves. He is 6’4, 302lbs and really would be a great fit on the interior. He moves well and really popped teams attention after a 41 bench press show at the Purdue pro day.

The battle and Roos’ standing in it will be something to watch early on at camp when the veterans hit the field. Mark Glowinski, the starting left guard in 2016, seems set for a move over to the right side- where he was in spells for 2015- with the free agency signing of Luke Joeckel creating competition at left.

Roos emerging with versatility will hold him high but if the early impressions really continues into the summer, then a name that was seen as a lock last month could see the hard-working Roos unseat.

The competition at the position has been raised, how it all plays out will be of keen interest to many. Jordan Roos is a name to watch. He already is someone who has the attention of the right people.


Stuart Court is the Team Manager for Seattle Seahawks on ProFootballSpot. Stuart also is co-host on the UK Seahawkers Podcast 'The Pedestrian Podcast'. Follow Stuart on Twitter @Stu_Court