As Day 5 of Seahawks training camp begun on Friday. The team made the move to activate WR Tyler Lockett off the PUP list, with the 3rd year player taking part in on-field work.

When camp kicked off last weekend, Pete Carroll stated that the move was only a short term one. The fact that it was less than a week proves that. It also bodes well for what chances he has of playing in week 1.

Seahawks Activate Tyler Lockett From PUP

That status in week 1- with no setbacks- will be a huge plus for the Seahawks offense.

With him back practicing, the Seahawks now have their core-4 receivers.

After practice where he took limited part in, Lockett spoke to the media about his rehab and mindset in December and how that got him through.

Tyler Lockett Talks To The Media

In his first few years in Seattle, Lockett hasn’t had much opportunity to talk as some of his team mates have. Today though was an exception as Lockett showed his maturity with his ‘bigger picture thinking’. Here is some of what he said to the Seattle media.

On getting back out there:

It felt pretty good. One of the things I thought of was when I was young, we had a dog. When training it you had to put it in a little cage. Today they let me out of the cage after eight months and I didn’t know what to do. So I just ran around a bit.

Was a great feeling to be back out there with my team mates. Felt good to run the routes and catch balls from Russ.

On the past 8 months:

It was frustrating, but you just got to wait for the opportunity. It allows you to step back and see what is important, like friends and family.  But having the opportunity to come back here and continue the dream I’ve had all my life, it’s about creating memories to live with me.

I rehabbed here mainly, then some at home. Did everything to try and get back as soon as I could.  Toughest part of it was staying here in Seattle, not being able to go back home as much and be with my family. Whatever injury I’ve had in the past, they’ve always been around to support me, so this was the first major one.

I was in a wheelchair at times, had to learn how to walk again. I wouldn’t take back what happened, the entire process of it has helped me grow.

On the reaction to the injury:

All my team mates reacted as they did.  People came to visit, I could hear crying. Coaches, trainers came. Pete and John came too so I saw the impact I had on the people around me. I’m the little kid on the team, I make the everyone happy. I do everything to help pick people up so when they saw me down it was weird as I’m usually bouncing around.

In my experience, them coming to visit, not everyone would do that.

On watching games injured:

I knew what plays were coming and what the calls were. I was shouting ‘do that, run that route’. But just as long as we could win, I was happy. I got to sit back and watch the team, it sucked not being able to help though.

On his Surgery:

I don’t remember Christmas (injury occured on December 24th). I think I opened one present- I don’t remember what i was. I was sleeping off the meds most of the time. I missed New Years too.

I met a man and this woman at the hospital. They had it worse than me and that sucked that they did. The people in the hospital had life-effecting injuries and that’s when the bigger picture hit me. You can be at the low, but can bring people up if they are stuck with their predicament.

I’m a kid so you aren’t going to keep me in a hospital bed. I was up communicating with people, the nurses. Watching games with them, everything.

That’s the biggest thing, is seeing the bigger picture. You aren’t going to recover in one day. But I was preparing to make Week 1 all the way through. Just getting myself right for game 1. People said it was a marathon not a sprint. But I’m a sprinter, so I will sprint. It’s what I do.

Sometimes people protect you from yourself so you don’t hurt the team more than you hurt yourself.

On when he started back running:

About 3 months ago. I felt good, but it wasn’t my call. I got to learn stuff mentally more. That should make the game easier as it is more mental than physical. If we had a game tomorrow I’d play.

On what the next step is:

I don’t know what their plans are with me. I’m preparing as if I am about to play. Whatever they ask me to do, run routes, or just get the plays in. Whatever it is, I’m willing to do it because I know it’s about making me be in the best place to do what I have to do.

If I just a week to get right. I’d put the work it tto get out there and be ready.

Stuart Court is the Team Manager for Seattle Seahawks on ProFootballSpot. Stuart also is co-host on the UK Seahawkers Podcast 'The Pedestrian Podcast'. Follow Stuart on Twitter @Stu_Court