The fourth day of Seahawks Training Camp took place on Thursday. The day started with developments in regards to rookie Defensive Tackle Malik McDowell.

McDowell Reports To Seahawks Training Camp

After news broke on Sunday that McDowell had not reported due to a ‘vehicular accident’ two weeks ago, the timeframe on the arrival of the teams top pick in 2017 was wide open. After yesterday’s day off, McDowell arrived on Thursday.

Soon after he reported, McDowell was placed on the NFI (Non-Football Injury) list.

With very little else coming forward on his status- short or long-term- immediately. Head Coach Pete Carroll answered questions briefly after the session:

“He’s doing all kinda appointments just to see what is going on. Not much to report, but going to take a while to figure out. It’s very disappointing. Nothing we can do about it now, just take time to assess and to figure what it all means.”

One question surrounds McDowell’s chances of playing and contributing in his rookie year. Carroll had no information to give on either Week 1 or 2017, adding:

” I dont know if he can play this year. It is a long term thing though.”

While the answers aren’t as comprehensive as some wished. The tone and information that needs building around it all suggests a long-road. What was a year which had a lot of promise for McDowell, now holds a lot more in ‘personal future’ than anything on-field.

Drills Turn To Fights On Day 4

Elsewhere on Day 4, after notes of a few ‘niggles’ on Tuesday. Practice broke out into a scuffle on Thursday- surrounding DE Frank Clark & OL Germain Ifedi. An incident which was sparked by DT Rodney Coe & C Will Pericak squaring off, erupted with Clark and Ifedi scuffling, before Clark threw- and landed- a punch on the 2nd year lineman.

Clark was escorted off the field and took no further part in the practice. Whilst Ifedi was treated and also took no further part on Thursday. Pete Carroll calling the incident ‘very disappointing’ and that there was ‘no place for that’.

Any further possible punishment for either party has not been- and likely won’t be- made public.



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