On Day 4 of the 2017 Seahawks Training Camp, it was the turn of one of the defensive leaders to talk to the press. As well as a debrief from the head coach too, Pete Carroll.

Seahawks Training Camp: Carroll Talks After Day 4

With a scuffle breaking out during drills, a few standout performers and Malik McDowell’s arrival. There was a lot for Pete Carroll to cover on Thursday, here is some of what was.

On the incident with Frank Clark & Germain Ifedi:

It was just regular tempers flare thing during camp. But someone then goes overboard and you can’t do that. It’s not OK. In the game you do that, you get ejected. We saw that happen here. Someone can get hurt, saw that also. Really disappointed.

On Jarran Reed entering his 2nd year:

He had an incredibly effective off-season. He is stronger, fitter and just more explosive all round. He is working hard to elevate his pass rush. He’s off to a fast start. He had a good rookie year but like everyone going from that to year 2, we expect a big jump. He is showing all that. He’s a big deal for us, a central figure up front who we will count on.

On Ethan Pocic:

He’s doing very well. In the learning and technique aspects, he got them reps in the off-season. I don’t see why he doesn’t do everything we talked about after the draft. We thought he’d be a big guy for us and he is off to a great start.

On Chris Carson:

He has looked pretty good (laughs). Tuesday was a really good practice for him. Today he had a couple more big runs. High hopes, he is a physical runner and in the style we like. It’s in his background and we will see it when the time comes

On Blair Walsh:

We made the move yesterday with the snapper so he got all the snaps from Tyler. He’s a real good athlete with great work habits. He kicks it a mile on kick off’s too.

On Neiko Thorpe:

He is going to get the chance to do things at corner. He was great on teams last year, this is the next step for him. He has the right mentality and he is right in the middle of it.

On Cyril Grayson:

Fun to watch. He’s like George was last year, but he hasn’t played in six years. He has stuff to learn but he doesn’t need to learn how to run- he is fast. But a long way to go for him.

To read more of what Carroll said on Malik McDowell, you can do here.

Seahawks Training Camp: First Bennett Presser Of The Year

It took four days of camp, but Thursday saw the first opportunity to hear from the Seahawks Pro Bowl defensive end. Bennett covered everything from being back in Camp, his off-field work and who has stood out early to him. Here is some of what he had to say.

On Being Back in Camp:

It’s good, always is to get to work with your teammates again. To see the work they’ve put in during the off-season. To see the life-changing things they’ve gone through and the growth from that. It’s just good to be back  and be friends again and just talk. Love that part of every camp.

The organisation is built with all of that.  It’s an essence and part of the team.

On the scuffle:

They happen in camp. You build up so much testosterone, sometime it goes overboard. You have to find the line, but I think we went over that line today.

It’s now all about apologising really. Important to show you made a mistake and that it won’t happen again. It’s about respecting your teammates. I’m as guilty as the next guy. I make the mistakes as every other player does. It is just about learning from them.

On Malik McDowell:

I just hope he is OK, it isn’t about football at this point. It’s about his longevity of life and making sure he is good, with no long-term effect on him. That is what I am concerned about. I rang him but he was busy, but I’ll get to talk to him today.

On the Defensive Line Depth:

The rotation is great. Cassius Marsh is someone who is improving every day and is going to take that jump that Frank (Clark) did last year. He’s a guy who is working- he did with me this summer. His conditioning, his work ethic and mind for it this year. He’s going to have a really good year I think.

Jarran Reed has been really good. He’s been a winner from JuCo to Alabama. But making the step from there up to here is tough. He is taking the stride forward to a level that usually takes a lineman three years to make. He is going to be there this year.

On Colin Kapernick remaining unsigned:

It’s going to take an owner or an ownership to say they want him in that locker room. The players and media have spoken up about it. It isn’t criminal what he did. There are people accused of rape, murder, domestic violence and are still in the NFL, but he isn’t.

There are Quarterbacks who shouldn’t be playing that are, but he isn’t. Hard to fathom how he isn’t.

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