The 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony is this weekend. One of this year’s class is former Seahawk hard-hitting safety, Kenny Easley. His induction will see him be the 4th Seahawk in the hall. Here we look at who could be the fifth.

From former coaches from this century to running backs who broke scoring records. This list will cover who could be in line for a gold jacket soon.

Seahawks in the Hall of Fame

Before we get to the list, a quick note of who Easley is joining this year. While the team has a few who played for the team, just three have gone in as a Seahawk.

  • Steve Largent, WR, Class of 1995
  • Cortez Kennedy, DT, Class of 2012
  • Walter Jones, OT, Class of 2014

Other notable names who played for Seattle and that are in the Hall of Fame ‘representing’ other teams include Warren Moon, John Randle, Jerry Rice, Franco Harris & Carl Eller.

Four Who Could Be The Next Seahawk In?

This weekend sees the 4th name, and it couldn’t be more deserving with Kenny Easley. So once 2017 is over, which Seahawks could feature on 2018’s list.

Shaun Alexander, RB, 2000-2007

Alexander is a name who has been on the semifinalist list for a year or two now but has made little progress. That would suggest that he has a good while to wait for his moment- if it comes.

As a Seahawk, Alexander ran hard and often as the franchise began to ascend in the middle part of the last decade. Under coach Mike Holmgren and with an all-star offensive line, Alexander broke an NFL record in 2005. He notched up 27 touchdowns on the way to the Seahawks first Superbowl appearance along with 1,880 yards on the ground.

It was a stunning season from a team which had been an after-thought for so long; it finally had the best scoring running back in the league.

The 2005 season was the peak for Alexander. After topping 1,000 yards from 2001 to 2005. Alexander never reclaimed his 2005 magic, rushing for just 896 and 716 in 2006 & 2007.

But despite that, Alexander left Seattle- and soon after retired- as the teams all-time leading rusher with 9,429 yards on the ground. His 2005 scoring blitz also aided his 100 touchdown career total too.

A nailed-on Seahawk Ring of Honoree shortly, his NFL hall hopes are a longer-shot. In a position which has so many stars- including one in LaDainian Tomlinson going in this weekend- who amassed more for higher profile teams. Alexander is likely a player who may have to have a vociferous campaigner to get him the recognition he warrants.

Will He Go In?: Will Have A Long Wait

Mike Holmgren, Head Coach, 1999-2008

For all the success the modern-day Seahawks have had. The first taste of that Superbowl experience came almost a decade prior. The man who was at the helm of that early 2000’s run should be in consideration for a gold jacket next year- Mike Holmgren

Holmgren was hired in 1999 after a six-year stint in Green Bay. A time which saw him win his 3rd Super Bowl ring- first as head coach- in 1996. It was a run in Green Bay which saw him have a winning record in all six seasons.

That habit of winning was something the Seahawks coveted and got in Holmgren. Of the ten years in Seattle, just three were sub-.500 years. Headlined of course by that Super Bowl run in 2005, before losing to Pittsburgh at Super Bowl XL.

Despite that loss, Holmgren is still held dearly in the memories of Seahawks fans who remember the era fondly. It was an era which saw 86 wins making him the winningest coach in franchise history, which is still is.

The team which included Walter Jones, Matt Hasselbeck, Marcus Trufant, Shaun Alexander, Steve Hutchinson and more was all headed and molded by the big man with the mustache.

If he does get the hall of fame nod, if he goes in a Seahawk or Packer will be of no relevance to most Seahawks fans.

The man who took them on their first trip to the big dance deserves his day on that stage and in that building in Canton.

Will He Go In: Soon

Steve Hutchinson, OG, 2001-2005

This could be the next man in.

Hutchinson is eligible next year and already has one of his fellow linemen in the hall waiting for him in Walter Jones. Over his five years in Seattle, Hutchinson- as pointed out to with Alexander- was a part of an elite offensive line which paved the way for all the yards and proficiency Alexander put on the stat sheet.

Over his time- what was a 12-year career- Hutchinson was one of the very best in the game and a perennial All-Pro & Pro Bowler.

In his five year stint in Seattle, he made 3 Pro Bowls and was 1st team All Pro twice. He didn’t miss a game in four of the five years, and next to Walter Jones formed a left-side that the Seahawks would kill for heading into 2017.

While his exit was a sour one and he spent longer as a Minnesota Viking than a Seahawk, his association with the Seahawks early-2000’s success will hold him high as a Seahawk Hall of Famer.

Will He Go In: Yes, in 2018.

Matt Hasselbeck, QB, 2001-2010

The final one of this list is another from that early-2000’s roll call. While Mike Holmgren ran the show, Matt Hasselbeck ran the offense.

After following Holmgren from Green Bay in a trade, Hasselbeck went from a back-up to Brett Favre to a high-level starting QB in the NFL. Once presented with his chance, Hasselbeck didn’t look back and gave the Seahawks a ‘franchise QB’ that was so sought after.

In his ten year career as a Seahawk, Hasselbeck posted a 69-62 record and threw for 29,434 yards and 174 touchdowns.

From Deion Branch to Darrel Jackson and from Mike Williams to John Carlson, Hasselbeck rarely had the standout stud that other QB’s had. But Hasselbeck led the Seahawks to that first Super Bowl appearance and is still the franchise’s leading passer.

While Russell Wilson will pass and likely obliterate the marker set by the Seahawks #8. Matt Hasselbeck brought the winning back and for some- myself included- was the ‘first favorite’ Seahawk.

For all of that the records, the wins, the leadership and everything in between; Matt Hasselbeck deserves his nod. However, he may- like Alexander- have a long wait for that day to come.

A modern-day Hall of Famer without a ring is a terrible thing to pass. A QB without a ring is a more difficult task.

While a Seahawk honoree should be soon in coming, his gold jacket may not come.

But for those ten years to Seahawks fans, he was their Quarterback.

Will He Get In?: Probably Not

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