We continue our rundown of the 2017 Seahawks Dozen here with a core group at number 8. After the rookies and back-up QB position appeared earlier in the list. This group is in as a collective. But all hold individual importance too.

The 2017 list for Seahawks Dozen was compiled by myself, Adam Nathan and Ross Bell. Us three on the UK Seahawkers podcast ‘The Pedestrian Podcast’ spent a recent episode putting the list together. A link to that episode is at the bottom of this article.

But without further delay. The group at 7 is..

The Seahawks Dozen….#7

The Legion of Boom

As mentioned in the intro, this group could easily be in the list as individuals but, collectively they slide in at this point.

This definition of the ‘L.O.B’ is the core three- Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor & Richard Sherman. It is also a group which had a now-familiar 2016 story.

You can spot on one hand how many games Seahawks fans saw their O.G three in the secondary start, play and finish a game last year. That fact affected the Seahawks defense some, but still saw them finish the year as a top 3 defense in some charts.

Remarkable, but also the reasoning for the excitement of what 2017 can bring for the freshly minted, now healthy trio.

The group missed 9 games combined, with only Sherman starting all of them.

A collective stronger than its individuals, but let’s look at the three on their own.

L.O.B Focus: Earl Thomas

Earl has the longest road back ahead of the 2017 season. Whilst he missed most of the summer workouts and camps. He has been close to full go every day of Seahawks training camp so far. With his broken leg- suffered in a mid-air collision with Chancellor- apparently in the rear-view. Thomas’ presence in the defensive backfield is of unmatched importance.

I wrote about here that he is irreplaceable for Seattle and how 2016 showed that. When Earl was out the stats showed a kink in the Seahawks defensive armour.

With him back in center field for Seattle in 2017 is a massive plus for the minor ‘bounceback’ the Seahawks defense could attain.

But next to him, is someone with a bigger frame and as-important to the Seahawks cause.

L.O.B Focus: Kam Chancellor

A lot is made of leadership and those who fit the roles in Seattle. None seem more clear in that role than Kam Chancellor.

Newly minted and all, 2017 Chancellor has a chance to further cement his place as the defensive heartbeat for Seattle. After a year, in 2015, which was plagued by off-field issues. Last year was one where the relationship was repaired whilst the highlight reel plays were somewhat absent.

His importance though is unwavering. The physical presence on the line of scrimmage, the surveyor in the middle of the field when teams go underneath- away from Thomas. It all involves Kam Chancellor.

In 2017, with rookies biting at the heels of all in the secondary, Chancellor as a leader is evolving. With Thomas back behind him, the freedom that brings Chancellor will be massive as he has one thing in mind- wrecking a game plan.

The offense the Seahawks face on a week to week basis will all have him in their thoughts. The Seahawks lacked a bully mentality for the past couple of years, with all off-field issues straightened out and his running partner at safety healthy again.

Kam Chancellor is primed and in focus to bring that swagger back. Also to be that bully in 2017.

It’s coming.

L.O.B Focus: Richard Sherman

Whilst it’s been a couple of years of injuries and contract issues for the other two. It was a spell where it was quieter for a portion for the Seahawks left cornerback- Richard Sherman.

But in 2016 with injuries and lesser-back-ups all around him. Sherman’s patience or something snapped. Two sideline flare-ups were followed with a off-season of trade talk and rumoured ‘breakdowns in relationship’ between Sherman and almost everyone in the building or on the beat.

With camp underway, the waves have calmed and Sherman appears slightly more content. With Chancellor and Thomas still next to him- as they enter year 7 of the partnership- that can only prove a positive for the Seahawks.

On the field in 2016, Sherman was arguably under-rated. While a lot was made of the sideline bust-ups and a P.I call on Julio Jones that never was. Sherman maintained his high level and continued to shutdown a half of a field more often than not. Never more than once was Sherman caught cold.

In Week 4 against Brandon Marshall and the Jets was this shown most potently. A first half which saw Marshall roll back the years and really put a physical masterclass on the former Stanford grad, with a touchdown and ‘every throw his way was a catch’ half. The second half went the opposite. With Sherman making Marshall an after-thought and almost non-existant as the Jets offense fell away dramatically.

It is what makes Sherman the best at the position for many. While he has had his trials over the past 12 months, this coming season holds the hope of everything remaining the same. On the field at least.

The L.O.B in 2017

So what of the trio in 2017. The presence, the speed and the physicality are all back. Along with a few fresh faces. The season appears to be one where the Seahawks defense takes on a different look. But at the heart of it is the trio which made the Seahawks defense so feared and peerless.

A continuation of a year for Sherman and the benefit of the two at safety being back on the field together makes the Seahawks defense a scary proposition.

Then on top, you have the youth movement behind them.

But for 2017, is the O.G Legion which holds the most importance and relevance for Seahawks success.

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With the L.O.B accounted for here, up next on the 2017 Seahawks Dozen list is…

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