The Seahawks Dozen: #8 The Back-Up Quarterback

We continue our rundown of the 2017 Seahawks Dozen here at number 8. This one is position and not, currently, one individual. After a year where the position got a bit more attention, 2017 has a lot of questions to answer for whoever wins this spot.

The 2017 list for Seahawks Dozen was compiled by myself, Adam Nathan and Ross Bell. Us three on the UK Seahawkers podcast ‘The Pedestrian Podcast’ spent a recent episode putting the list together. A link to that episode is at the bottom of this article.

But without further delay. The no.8 spot on the 2017 Seahawks Dozen list is.

The Seahawks Dozen…. #8

The Back-Up Quarterback

Last year was, as has been oft-mentioned over the summer, a  struggle. A lot of that was down to the health at which QB Russell Wilson played at. Leg injuries suffered in Week 1 and Week 3 seemed to handcuff the offense, team and Wilson himself for most of the season.

With Wilson hobbled, the Seahawks lost the running threat of Wilson. That in turn made the defense focus on keeping the elusive Wilson in the pocket. Something which the patchwork offensive line had struggles contending with.

Despite the injuries, Wilson didn’t miss a start. The only action Trevone Boykin got in 2016 was in a ‘clean-up’ role with a game in-hand and whilst Wilson sorted out his braced knee on the sideline.

But after a summer where the offensive line hasn’t shown an ‘on-paper’ jump to ease concerns, the health of Wilson is no longer out of the conversation. But after a few years of stability at the spot. The team has a competition to be the guy the team calls on in an emergency.

The Back-Up Contenders: Trevone Boykin

Boykin from the time between his two ‘spot-roles’ appeared to improve. A mobile, elusive QB seemed the ideal back-up to Wilson. The 2016 UDFA however has not had an easy ride in the off-season. Mostly of his own making.

Two arrests and police station visits in the early off-season put into question his future in Seattle. It appeared to anger John Schneider and Pete Carroll and the team entered the draft with a QB touted as a possible pick.

Nothing came.

In 2017, with Boykin in a competition for the spot. Him winning that is not a suggestion of a long-term plan. It’s more of familiarity winning out over experience.

If he, heaven forbid, does have to start or finish a game over a longer period. An improvement again from his 2nd appearance will go to settling the nerves around the position. But also disprove a lot of what is being written currently.

Boykin appears to be struggling and the chance of the Seahawks dipping into the market appears a distinct possibility.

If it’s not Boykin, then the other man in the race currently has some work to do.

The Back-Up Contenders: Austin Davis

If Boykin is familiar and has encouraging potential. Then Austin Davis could be the opposite.

A spot-starter for a few teams but discarded as quickly as he appeared, Davis was one of two bought in for a summer visit. The other, Colin Kaepernick, was the readier fit. But Davis, with a one-year, $800k deal won out. Much the chagrin of yours truly.

Willing to give a chance, his early days at camp- like Boykin- have done nothing but underwhelm the on-lookers.

Davis, on his stops for the Rams, Broncos and Browns, failed to latch on to three teams who have some of the more shaky QB rooms in the league.

Who Wins And What It Means?

For me, just with the recent history and working through a difficult early off-season. I’d expect Trevone Boykin to win out and be the 2017 back-up.

Here is what Ross said on the podcast.

“Whoever it is. If Russ gets injured early again like last season. This year will be in tatters. Boykin should be the back-up. But even then, if Russ goes down we just go pay Kaepernick anyway.”

The shadow of the former 49ers QB is legit for most teams in the position the Seahawks are- a shaky QB #2. But the importance will be outweighed by any chance of success with anyone bar Wilson.

Enhancing his importance exponentially.

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Now we move on to the #7 entrant on the list and another group the Seahawks oft-rely on…

Stuart Court is the Team Manager for Seattle Seahawks on ProFootballSpot. Stuart also is co-host on the UK Seahawkers Podcast 'The Pedestrian Podcast'. Follow Stuart on Twitter @Stu_Court