The Seahawks Dozen: #12 C.J Prosise

The Seahawks Dozen series is back!┬áThis year myself, Ross Bell and Adam Nathan have considered and decided on the order and those in ‘The Dozen’. The series will see us give our 12 most important players, coaches or positional groups if the Seahawks are to have a successful 2017.

The series is part of the UK Seahawks podcast we host called ‘The Pedestrian Podcast’. If you want to hear the first few, then catch our last episode here.

If you missed last year’s series then, don’t panic as all will become clearer as we make our way through the 2017 Seahawks Dozen.

To kick it all of, obviously, is the man at 12. This player excited in a small-window in 2016, but with a full bill of health in 2017. He may be the wildcard on the Seahawks offense.

The Seahawks Dozen…No.12

C.J Prosise – RB

(2016 stats: 30 Rush, 172 yards, 1 TD; 17 catches, 208 yards)

As mentioned above, the series this year was decided by us on ‘The Pedestrian Podcast’. The deciding voice on Prosise at this point went to Adam. Here’s what he said on the 2nd year running back:

“I’m going to go with C.J Prosise. He’s an x-factor if he’s healthy. The two of our most impressive offensive games last year were the two he played a part in.”

It is that phrase, ‘x-factor’ which describes Prosise more than almost any other Seahawks. It is the unknown part, entering his second year which brings the most unique aspect to the 2017 Seahawks.

The two games Adam references above really do shine a light on the skills which made the Seahawks spend a 3rd round pick on him 18 months ago. But in his rookie year a litany of injuries really never allowed him to get rolling.

A hamstring injury sidelined him for most of the off-season and pre-season. While he was seen in bit parts through the first month, it was the trip to Foxboro which really got the excitement rolling when talking about Prosise.

The Seahawks win in Foxboro was- for some- the highlight of the Seahawks season. Prosise was the star of the show. A night with 17 carries at 66 yards was a solid output. The 7 catch, 87 yard night was the cherry on top.

A week later, the Prosise buzz was building. The roll continued early with him breaking through with a 72-yard Touchdown.

That play shows it all which he brings. The game breaking speed, great footwork and vision. The Seahawks had suffered a sputtering start to the year on offense. In 5 quarters, Prosise showed a glimmer of a flash, which was missing before.

Unfortunately on that score, Prosise- as he landed in the endzone- suffered a fractured clavicle and didn’t play again in the 2016 season. With a full off-season Prosise looks the part during ‘shorts season’ of OTA’s. So what of his 2017 and the important part he will bring.

Prosise In 2017

As camp draws nearer, the depth and possible make-up of the group at running back’s is clouded. With the off-season addition of Eddie Lacy the group has that big physical back that was missing in 2016.

Like Rawls- who was 12 in the 2016 Dozen- Prosise has gone through the off-season healthy. That continuing will see the three be a really diverse group at running back. But Prosise’s part in that goes back to the phrase Adam used- the x-factor.

While Rawls can gain the hard yards, Lacy can batter and bruise the defense, Prosise will be the guy to really break the defense’s back.

In a year where health can only improve, Prosise staying on the field will be a big part of that. If he does, the Seahawks have a special talent amongst a group of diversity at running back. Prosise is someone who deserves the excitement that is attached to him by Seahawks fans.

Now to see what the year brings.

With Prosise at 12, the #11 in the 2017 Seahawks Dozen is…


Stuart Court is the Team Manager for Seattle Seahawks on ProFootballSpot. Stuart also is co-host on the UK Seahawkers Podcast 'The Pedestrian Podcast'. Follow Stuart on Twitter @Stu_Court