The Seahawks Dozen: #10 The 2017 Rookie Class

We move on with the 2017 Seahawks Dozen with another group of players at 10. This entry is a group which the team always hope for some solid contributions from. This year is no different.

For those who may have missed it, this year’s list was compiled by myself, Ross Bell & Adam Nathan over on the UK Seahawkers podcast ‘The Pedestrian Podcast’.

The Seahawks Dozen…No.10

The 2017 Rookie Class

While a lot of talk pre-draft centered on how the Seahawks may not have much of a group- in terms of numbers- in 2017. They left the draft weekend with the biggest haul in a few years, with 11 picks made over the three-day event.

All through the group, there are names which stood out. There are some which also have- or had- a clear path to make an impact in 2017.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 11-strong group:

  • Malik McDowell — DT — Michigan State
  • Ethan Pocic — OL — LSU
  • Shaq Griffin — CB — Central Florida
  • Delano Hill — SS — Michigan
  • Nazair Jones — DT — North Carolina
  • Amara Darboh — WR — Michigan
  • Tedric Thompson — FS — Colorado
  • Mike Tyson — CB — Cincinnati
  • Justin Senior — OT — Mississippi State
  • David Moore — WR — East Central
  • Chris Carson — RB — Oklahoma State

It’s a healthy and extensive list as the Seahawks restocked their depth at several positions. When deciding on the group at 10, the deciding reason went to myself, here’s what I said on last month’s podcast run-through.

“Adding McDowell to a rotation, the four defensive backs to the rotation. All of it. You always want something from the rookies, that’s why they are here for me.”

Since we recorded, McDowell has suffered an unknown-in-severity injury which is clouding his 2017 season somewhat. Ruling him out- which seems the likeliest conclusion- leaves the question as to who could be the standout from the off in that group.

The Pocic & Griffin Pathway

With a week of camp in the books, it appears two rookies have stood-more than most; Ethan Pocic & Shaq Griffin.

With injuries and incidents giving them a chance to go with ‘the 1’s’ over the weekend, both seemed to have impressed with their versatility, smarts and skill.

For Griffin it was a weekend, with Jeremy Lane out with a injury, that got the column inches fill with his name. Plaudits from Richard Sherman matched with strong and effective work on-field has seen Griffin stake a real and legit claim to the spot opposite Sherman in the secondary.

It’s a spot I thought he would take by the year’s end no matter. With a down year from Lane suggesting some limitations in trust, it appeared a winnable battle for the UCF corner. The Seahawks had never used a 3rd round pick on a cornerback in the Carroll/Schneider years. Griffin is showing early signs of making it a worthwhile reason to break the run.

For Pocic, it’s the word which we will cover more intently later on in this list- versatility on the line. Pocic was the 2016 starting center for LSU. He entered camp in the battle at right tackle. He took some snaps over the weekend- with a heavy rotation still being used- there and stood up well. But it is that versatility which was used after his selection and continues to be pressed home now the coaches have seen him go to work.

Pocic has, with some help from a poor pre-season from Germain Ifedi, a chance at consolidating the line at right tackle in 2017. He also is the Seahawks wildcard when negotiating with soon-to-be-free-agent Justin Britt.

That facet makes Pocic an intriguing ‘rook’ to watch.

Darboh & The Rest

Elsewhere, with McDowell out, the next headline maker has been Amara Darboh.

The former Michigan WR was an intriguing pick with his nice mix of size and speed matched with rawness given his path to the Big House.

An early double-name drop from QB Russell Wilson for how Darboh could be ‘special’ caught the attention of a few. As noted at #11 with this series, the receiver group has a nice trio at the top of the depth chart.

Darboh has a chance to upset the apple cart somewhat and put into question Jermaine Kearse’s future. While Darboh appears a lock to make the 53, watching his progress over the season will be a key point to track.

Outside of the Darboh, it appears that it’s a lot of role players at first with the 2017 crop. But getting willing and positive contributions from the group will be key for 2017 Seahawks success.

While it is the biggest crop in numbers for a few years, it also holds alot for the future of the Seahawks. A group to watch for sure as the season- and pre-season- rolls on.

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With no.10 in the books, we roll on to the man at no.9, who is…

Stuart Court is the Team Manager for Seattle Seahawks on ProFootballSpot. Stuart also is co-host on the UK Seahawkers Podcast 'The Pedestrian Podcast'. Follow Stuart on Twitter @Stu_Court