Football season is just around the corner. It’s becoming more and more evident with the release of the preseason schedules. It’s a great chance to see if the teams that faltered in the season prior will be looking to bounce back. The 49ers are in this category, as they will attempt to silence their critics by showing improvement after a down year in 2016. With that said, let’s look at the teams that the 49ers will be playing.

Preseason week one: at Kansas City Chiefs

The first week of the preseason will feature San Francisco going up against a familiar face in Alex Smith. Smith will be going up against the 49ers for the third time (second time in the preseason). It will also be the first time the fans get to see the offense in Shanahan’s system. Hopefully, by this point, the team will have someone under center that isn’t Brian Hoyer or Matt Barkley.

We will be getting a first glimpse at how the defense plays against the unique offensive scheme of the Chiefs. Will they continue to give up vast amounts of yards? Or will they be able to come together with everyone being healthy again? This game will be the first test to see how Robert Saleh can run this defense.

Preseason week two: vs. Denver Broncos

The fans will get the chance of seeing the team playing in Santa Clara for the first time in the 2017 season. Denver will be the biggest test for the offense as the Broncos defense is still one of the elite units in the league. They will be without Wade Phillips for the first time, so the offense will be able to work better without having to work against the creative blitz packages of the seasons prior.

It will also be a matchup of rookie head coaches going against each other. It will be offensive mind (Shanahan) versus defensive mind (Vance Joseph), so that will be intriguing to watch.

Preseason week three: at Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings will be going into this game after ending the Adrian Peterson era in Minnesota. They will most likely have a new running back ready to go, which the 49ers need to be ready for. Not to mention, that they need to be ready for whoever is playing quarterback. Is it Bradford? Or is it Bridgewater?

The Vikings also feature a ferocious defense from top to bottom thanks to the defensive genius of head coach, Mike Zimmer. Shanahan will have a long week ahead of him going up against this team.

Preseason week four: vs. Los Angeles Chargers

This will be marking the 31st time these two teams have met in the preseason. It will also be the first time that the 49ers will be playing against the Los Angeles Chargers and not the San Diego Chargers.

We will be given the first matchup comparison between Joey Bosa and DeForest Buckner. These two were drafted in the top ten in 2016, and this will be the first time either one will get to see each other play in person.

Both teams are looking to bounce back from last season, and this is the week where players that are trying to make the final roster cuts will be going all out. This is always a great week to watch preseason football.